Kanye West: ‘Now That I’m in Service to Christ, My Job Is to Spread the Gospel’

Rapper has a new album — and continues to stand up for God, country, and freedom

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Kanye West is now singing, “Jesus is King.”

It’s also the name of his brand new album — his ninth studio album — released on Friday.

This is the same rapper who, back in 2013, proclaimed, “I am a god,” as the Washington Examiner also pointed out.

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Now, however, this major star — also a husband, father, and fervent Donald Trump supporterhas released a new album in praise of Jesus Christ.

As he told Apple Music not long ago in a major interview, “Now that I’m in service to Christ, my job is to spread the gospel, to let people know what Jesus has done for me.”

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“If early fan reactions are any indication, it’s a hit,” the Examiner said of the new record. “Millennials will be captioning their Instagram photos, ‘Closed on Sunday, you’re my Chick-fil-A’ for years to come.”

Check out this tweet about the new record:

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And check these out as well:

In one song on “Jesus is King,” West sings, “Listen to the words I’m sayin’, Jesus saved me, now I’m sane.”

The artist recently has been getting attention for his Sunday Service, held in California and attended by scores and scores of people each weekend. It features a gospel choir and other surprise guests.

When people express skepticism, surprise or doubt about West’s belief in Jesus, in faith, in God and in sharing his beliefs — he makes very clear this is a free country.

And that can include many surprises in life.

He is also not going to let anyone — including any group or any political organization — tell him which political leaders he can or can’t support for office during his life.

For example, West defended his support of President Donald Trump early in October (as he’s done many times before), saying it would be “mental slavery” to make a decision or cast a vote based purely on one’s skin color.

“That’s the Republican Party that freed the slaves,” West said in Salt Lake City, Utah, during his Sunday Service session the first week of October.

He noted that Abe Lincoln, a Republican, was in office when slavery in the United States came to an end.

He said people criticize him because he “chose my right.”

“And we got the right, right? We got a right to our opinions, right?” said West.

“You black, so you can’t like Trump?”

“I ain’t never made a decision based only on my color. That’s a form of slavery — mental slavery.”

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His full quote was this: “I ain’t never make a decision based only on my color. That’s a form of slavery — mental slavery. I ain’t drink from the white person fountain … I ain’t playing with them. All these mind controllers, the media, all of these mind controllers. I find that wherever Christ is where I’ve got my mind at. We find that the love of Christ is where I’ve got my mind back,” he said.

Approximately 7,000 to 10,000 people tend to be present at his services, according to The Deseret News about a recent service.

See this tweet below with more information on that:

At the start of this year, Kanye West reaffirmed his support for Trump. The rapper visited the White House in 2018 and issued a series of short tweets in early January 2019 that put his focus back on politics after he had publicly backed away from sharing his opinions.

West unexpectedly tweeted, “Trump all day.”

He then followed that up by saying, “Just so in 2019 you know where I stand.”

He also criticized the Democratic Party.

He said, “Blacks are 90 percent Democrats … That sounds like control to me” — and “They will not program me.”

Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian. They have four children.

See this tweet about his service on Saturday — and share your thoughts about all of this below.

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