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After Kansas City Tragedy, Two Democrats Almost Immediately Speak Out Against Guns

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Two suspects are reportedly being sought by police after the individuals opened fire in a bar in Kansas City, Kansas, early Sunday morning — leaving four people dead and five injured.

Within hours of the shooting, before the facts behind it even came to light, 2020 Democratic hopefuls [1] such as former Vice President Joe Biden and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) were already using the tragedy to push their own gun-control agenda [2].

Witnesses told police that two individuals walked into Tequila KC and began shooting at around 1:30 a.m.

“Obviously being a bar at 1:30 [in the morning], stories varied a lot even being inside the bar,” Thomas Tomasic of the Kansas City Police Department told NBC News [3].

“We’re trying to separate out stories, find out the truthful from the maybe exaggerated a little bit, and kind of [go] from there,” he also said.

The four victims who died, added Tomasic, were all Hispanic men between the ages of mid-20s or so and late 50s.

The five people who were injured in the shooting have each been declared to be in stable condition.

Police have said they do not believe the shooting was racially motivated.

They instead think this might have been an isolated incident related to a disturbance that had taken place earlier at the bar.

“We do not believe it is random. We do believe this was an isolated incident,” Tomasic said. “We don’t feel that these suspects are going to go out and do this again.”

Wasting no time at all after the tragedy, Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke took to Twitter to politicize the shooting shamelessly as part of his larger gun-grabbing agenda.

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“Not again,” O’Rourke tweeted.

“I visited Kansas City in August — and everyone I met was warm, generous, and welcoming. My heart is with all who are impacted by this tragedy. Together, communities like ours, which have been victims of gun violence, will lead the way in ending this epidemic.”

Very few details about the shooting were available when O’Rourke tweeted about it just a few hours after it took place.

It has since been revealed that the suspects used handguns — meaning O’Rourke’s highly controversial plan [2] of confiscating AR-15s and AK-47s [6] from Americans would have done nothing at all to prevent this latest shooting from taking place.

Former Vice President Biden [7] also got in on the political action, tweeting about the shooting hours after it took place.

“Jill and I are devastated to hear about last night’s shooting in Kansas City,” he tweeted.

“No one should ever have to fear that they, or their loved ones, may not return home due to senseless violence. We must come together as a country to put an end to these tragedies once and for all.”


All Americans wish such a tragedy had not occurred; they’re mourning the loss of life and are pulling for the injured to have a speedy recovery.

But it’s sad that Democrats like Biden and O’Rourke are so quick to politicize mass shootings for their own personal gain.

Their focus right now should be on helping to ensure police are able to apprehend these two suspects before anyone else gets hurt — not on using the deaths of four human beings to fuel their own left-wing agendas.

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