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Hillary Destroyed on Twitter After She Claims She Wrote Letters to NASA as a ‘Little Girl’


When will politicians stop with the sappy “feel-good” stories?

Some of these folks, in my opinion, should stop trying to pretend they’re human — it doesn’t work!

Case in point is Democrat Hillary Clinton’s attempt over the weekend to “honor” the first all-women space walk.

Her efforts turned into a disaster on Twitter when she told a tall tale about how she wrote letters to NASA as a “little girl” and let the agency know she wanted to be an astronaut.

She said she got a letter back from NASA that it wasn’t taking girls.

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Things actually got worse for Hillary Clinton when Twitter users called her bluff on the “little girl” lie.

This reply from Alexander Cortes below was something to behold.

“You were born in 1947, ” he wrote to Clinton on Twitter.

“NASA wasn’t formed until 1958 and we didn’t have an astronaut in space until 1962, when you were 15 years old.”

“You didn’t write a letter to NASA when you were a little girl and you should definitely stop drunk tweeting.”

Brutal and brilliant remark.

A Hillary supporter saw the damage and jumped in to help.

But he should have stayed quiet, too, because he also got burned.

“Project Mercury was launched in 1957, which is when astronaut recruitment began. Facts are stubborn things,” he said in part.

Not so fast, buddy.

This guy quickly got “schooled,” too.

“How is this relevant?” wrote someone in reply.

“She still couldn’t have ‘written to NASA’ in 1957 because NASA didn’t exist.”

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