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Haughty Maxine Waters on Trump Impeachment Push: ‘This Man Is Dangerous’

Trump Waters

She told you so.

And she’s going to keep telling you so, too.

In an exclusive interview appearing in Glamour magazine [1], Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) [2] said that now — after ceaselessly pushing for President Donald Trump’s impeachment from office since the moment he was elected by the American people in November 2016 — she feels “a bit vindicated.”

“There were some people who didn’t understand why I was taking the position and why I was so strong on it.”

“I feel that there’s maybe better understanding,” she said in the interview.

She added of Trump, “This man is dangerous. I’ve always known that he was not worthy of the presidency.”

“He should not be in that seat.”

Waters — at her rallies, in speeches, during interviews and more — has talked ad nauseam about impeaching the president since 2016.

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And for all these years, her over-the-top calls for his ouster have led to intense pushback from Trump supporters and others — and from the president himself.

She also, outrageously, has called Trump and members of his Cabinet “racist.”

Many American citizens want to know exactly what she’s been doing to help her own constituents in California.

Waters, 81, has been an elected representative since 1991.

She’s currently serving her 15th term in Congress.

Americans also want to know what she thinks of the charges against former Vice President Joe Biden in terms of his and his son’s Ukrainian business dealings. (Where is she on that — where is the commentary?)

Yet Waters dwells almost solely on trying to kick Trump out of office.

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She told Glamour the president’s July 25 phone call with the president of Ukraine “connects the dots. I think that it’s helped people to understand that really Trump was asking a foreign power to get involved, to get dirt on what he thought would be his opponent,” Waters said.

She also said she believes “most people” now agree with the impeachment of Trump.

“It’s all coming together around the telephone call,” she said, “and now that we know that the secretary of State and the attorney general were involved in this corruption, I believe that this formal inquiry is going to lead to a resolution of impeachment that will be voted on by the Judiciary Committee.”

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Waters said she believes impeachment will happen.

She also had some dramatic comments about what should occur, in her view, if Trump and members of administration don’t cooperate fully with Congress.

“If they resist and they do not want to comply, after we know that that had some role in this, I think they should be arrested. I believe they should be arrested,” she told the publication.

She previously said this as well — said they should be thrown in prison.

She also said this to Glamour: “I’m not afraid. And I’m not going to stop saying and doing what I do. I just believe that many folks are now awakened to the danger of this president, and I feel good about that.”

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