Republican Dan Crenshaw of Texas Slams Democrat Sean Casten for Calling Him a ‘Racist’

Texas GOP lawmaker and war hero wants only legal American citizens to vote — yet a congressman on the Left didn't like that and lashed out

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Facebook, Dan Crenshaw

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) responded to comments from Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) after the latter called him “a racist” for not wanting to give illegal aliens the right to vote.

Casten was asked a question two days ago regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) history of blatant anti-Semitic comments — then somehow performed a mental gymnastics move for the ages, in our view, by turning his answer into commentary about Crenshaw.

Casten first addressed the Omar topic by saying the congresswoman is criticized for her bigoted language only because people are “far too quick to condemn hatred when it comes out of a mouth of a brown woman with a headscarf than we are to condemn when it comes out of a mouth of a white supremacist.”

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He then pivoted to the person whom he thought qualified as a white supremacist: Crenshaw.

Rep. Crenshaw is a war hero who served for 10 years as a Navy SEAL.

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He was awarded two Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart, and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor.

Casten began his verbal attack by mocking Crenshaw’s war injuries and status in the military. He then referenced an amendment to a resolution that would prevent illegal immigrants from voting.

“The last amendment on the floor that day … came from Dan Crenshaw, the new Republican, the Navy SEAL with the eyepatch,” Casten chided.

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Casten then proceeded to explain that preventing those who disregard the sovereignty of a nation’s borders from voting in that same nation’s elections is actually racist.

“He [Crenshaw] came up with an amendment to say, ‘We’re going to add a rider on this bill that says that illegals can’t vote.’ And I sat there and I said, ‘You know what? You’re not allowed to vote if you’re not a citizen’ … Why are you doing that?” the Democrat recalled.

“The reason you’re doing that is because you are a racist. Because you are trying to appeal to people who will vote for you if you stand up and oppose brown people.”

Crenshaw, never known to be a man who takes ridiculous attacks lying down, fired back at Casten.

“When you can’t articulate a coherent argument, you resort to calling your political opponents racist,” Crenshaw posted on social media. “Can’t say I’m surprised. Just another day in Washington with the Democrat Party.”

That first sentence perfectly encapsulates today’s Democrat Party, in our mind.

They have zero coherent arguments in their arsenal on any given topic — so they resort to calling Republicans and conservatives “racists” or “Nazis.”

Crenshaw continued to shred Casten’s attack on him.

Crenshaw, who lost his eye during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan and still went back for two more tours, wasn’t about to let up.

“We’ve seen this desperate and immature strategy time after time from the Democrat Party,” Crenshaw said, according to The Daily Wire.

“The strategy is simple: When you disagree with someone during a policy debate, resort to calling your opponent a racist.”

Crenshaw then openly challenged the Democrat lawmaker.

“Rep. Casten, we’ve never met. We’ve never talked. I’ve never insulted you,” Crenshaw said.

“But instead of articulating a policy position, you resort to petty name-calling, which is a good indication you can’t defend your argument with any sort of intellectual vigor. This is Congress — it’s our job to debate — but please leave your smear tactics at home next time,” said Crenshaw.

Casten had previously garnered headlines when he made another effort to sound like the feeble-minded “squad” by comparing President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden.

“In many ways — and I don’t mean to sound overly, I don’t know, hyperbolic on this,” Casten said at a campaign event in February of 2018 — “Trump and Osama Bin Laden have a tremendous amount in common.”

Barack Obama in 2018 endorsed Casten.

And after making those comments, Casten went on to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives later that year.

This piece originally appeared in The Political Insider and is used by permission.

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