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Alex Trebek of ‘Jeopardy’ Says He’s ‘Nearing End’ of His Life After Cancer Fight

I cannot imagine “Jeopardy” without host Alex Trebek.

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He has faced his devastating fight against stage 4 pancreatic cancer with grace and humility.

He has served as an inspiration to many who have cancer.

I pray for God’s comfort to surround Alex and his family during this trying time.

Is there anyone out there with Trebek’s intelligence, demeanor, and style?

We are short on those qualities nowadays.

If the position is filled, my fear is we’ll see some motor mouth try to take center stage.

His are some some hard shoes to fill.

Not so sure the show should be canceled — but if it stays on, the executives better be quite selective in their choice.

They need to use their intelligence on this and not choose someone on some emotional or political correctness basis.

“Jeopardy” will go on, but not to very many fans of Alex Trebek’s version.

It will be a revamped show, in my view, with a young host and young new fans.

Alex Trebek is truly one in a billion.

Watch the above, via, ABC News.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [2] and is used by permission.

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