President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday morning that he thinks Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, should be censured by the House because of “what he got caught doing.”

The president is likely referring to Schiff’s fabricated version of the president’s July 25 phone call to the Ukrainian president, which addressed the Bidens and more.

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Schiff’s non-disclosure that he had prior communication with the alleged “whistleblower” concerning this same call (which the whistleblower never heard firsthand, of course) is also in the mix.

“Shifty” Schiff, as Trump calls him, and the Dems have used the Ukrainian phone call in their latest attempt to smear the president with almost farcical material.

Here’s Trump’s tweet from earlier on Monday:

Quick - Do This Before Biden “Fixes” Your Retirement Plan Next …

This is a tabloid process against Trump that goes back to the 2016 campaign season, the Steele dossier, and the Russian hoax itself.

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As they see the economy holding up and the nation at peace, the Dems appear desperate to change the obvious narrative that will see Trump get re-elected in 2020.

So they invent scandals du jour to keep up the manufactured perception that this administration is mired in corruption.

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Schiff has been the point man on this when it comes to national security. This has hampered the president’s constitutional duty to do his job in that area — hence the president’s legitimate anger and call for censure.

Specifically, Schiff released a version of the Ukrainian call that he later, after he took hits even from his own side, labeled “a parody” and even mocked other people for thinking it wasn’t.

In the now-admittedly false Schiff version of the conversation, Trump is said to have blatantly pressured the Ukrainian president to go after Hunter Biden — or Trump will withhold military aid.

No one involved with the call on either side of the aisle has backed up Schiff’s version of what happened.

And Trump released an exact transcript, of course, of what was said — so the whole “parody” version is moot from the start.

Only after the backlash did the California Democrat retreat into the lame “it was a joke” defense.

As that gambit was going south, Schiff was telling people that the media-anointed “whistleblower” was an independent agent bereft of Dem influence or spin. But then that story started to unravel, too, as sources confirmed the individual in question had ties to at least one high-level Dem politician.

Following form, only then did Schiff admit the person who allegedly heard about the call had prior contact with his office.

On this issue, the man cannot lead with the truth — and thus the president has termed Schiff’s involvement a “fraud” and a “scam.”

To stop the bleeding as their stories lost traction, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif,) decided to call a surprise trip to Jordan, with Schiff in tow, to engage “in vital discussions about the impact to regional stability” of President Trump’s decision to remove American troops from northern Syria.

Translation: “Our media pals are the only people still buying Schiff’s line, and even they are starting to balk. So I thought I’d get him out of the country until the coast is clear. Got it?”

When they return from there, we likely will hear another charge against Trump — one that is right now probably being concocted in an opulent Amman hotel suite.

And the fake scandal machine against Trump huffs and puffs along.

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