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A Vegan Is ‘Traumatized’ After Bakery Sells Her a Pork Roll by Mistake

A Vegan woman is supposedly “traumatized for life” after accidentally eating a pork roll from a local bakery in Kent, England.

The woman said she had ordered a “vegan pork roll” — but was given a real pork roll by mistake.

Sharleen Ndungu said she only realized the mistake after she bit into the pastry and tasted real meat.

(She probably noticed right away because it actually tasted good.)

Ndungu says her body went haywire.

She said she “burst into tears” when it she realized she had been given two pork sausage rolls instead of the vegan ones.

“I haven’t had meat in two years.”

“My belly started hurting and my heart started going crazy,” she said.

“I was panicking because that only happens when I consume meat — this doesn’t happen when I have other food.”

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“I’m traumatized for life now,” she said.

Here’s how The New York Post explained the story, in part: “Sharleen Ndungu, 20, said she broke down in tears and started having heart palpitations once she realized that the vegan sausage roll she ordered from bakery chain Greggs in Kent, England, actually contained meat.”

“Ndungu had returned to the bakery and was offered a $2 refund by the manager.”

Clearly this woman is gearing up for a lawsuit — one that will cite that she’s “traumatized for life” and had her “choice taken away from her.”

You can see exactly where this is heading.

“My body is poisoned for life now, you know.”

“I was asking for a public apology to make people aware that they should watch out for things like this,” she said, The Post noted.

“People can be allergic to pork and potentially die from such a stupid mistake. It’s my choice not to consume meat because it causes cancer. That choice has been taken away from me.”

Ndungu, a YouTuber, had reportedly posted three videos on social media railing about her food experience, KentLive.com reported.

“My body is poisoned for life now, you know,” she said in one of the videos, according to the news outlet.

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A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com; [3] this article is used by permission.

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