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Trump Campaign Video Showcases Biden’s Mental Lapses

The 2020 re-election campaign of President Donald Trump [1] on Tuesday released a video that pointedly questions the mental acuity of former Vice President Joe Biden, a top Democrat candidate for the nomination next year — in case there was any question remaining about the speech and memory lapses that Biden, sadly, has suffered of late.

Brad Parscale [2], Trump’s campaign manager, tweeted out the video.

It contains clips of Biden’s verbal gaffes and misstatements while out on the campaign trail — as well as commentary by others questioning the verbal issues he appears to have and wondering what they might suggest.

It shows the problems very clearly — there’s no mistaking what people are seeing.

As one example, Biden said he was in Vermont last month when he was actually at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

In another case, Biden seemed to forget former President Barack Obama’s name [3] while sharing an anecdote about the years the two men served together in the previous administration.

The list goes on and on; the examples have been well cited [4].

Check out the campaign video for yourself in this tweet:

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