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She Interned for Sen. John McCain — Now She’s Running for Congress

The internet is buzzing [1] with news that a former Miss Nevada is running for Congress as a Republican.

Who is Lisa Song Sutton? For starters, she’s the daughter of a Korean immigrant and a Vietnam vet.

She’s also a former pageant winner.

Sutton, 34, graduated from the University of Arizona with a political science degree.

She also has a law degree, and she owns a cupcake business — among other things.

Oh, and she was an intern for the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Yes, John McCain.

Here’s a recent tweet from the new candidate:

She interned for the senator way back in 2005. “She mostly handled calls or office visits from concerned citizens, whom she would route to the various nonprofits or government agencies that could assist them with their problems,” Las Vegas Review-Journal [4] noted in a piece in late July about her.

“She did much of the same representing her community in pageant life, Sutton said. She spent 18 months as either Miss Las Vegas or Miss Nevada United States 2014 — not to be confused with Miss Nevada or Miss Nevada USA, which are separate pageants. During that time, she crisscrossed the state for various public and charity appearances, speaking to all kinds of folks in need.”

“But Sutton believes it’s a strong business background that will help distinguish her in an already crowded Republican primary field. Already candidates including former Nevada Assemblyman Jim Marchant, Nye County Commissioner Leo Blundo and former congressional staffer Charles Navarro have declared their intent to run for the GOP nomination,” the outlet [4] also reported.

Now, 2005 was a long time ago — and this is not to say that everyone who associated with traitor John McCain [5] is a bad egg, in my view.

She also said this to The Daily Wire [1] in an interview about why she’s running: “Politics was never in the plan for me. I have previously been focused on my companies and community work. However, when I opened the second location of my shipping store last year, I saw how much need was in the community. People have no access to basic amenities, like grocery stores. Veterans aren’t being served, and the community is forgotten. This area in the district opened my eyes to a larger problem: Communities not being served by career politicians.”

American patriots need to do their research into any new candidate, including those who say they’re Republican and have a nice back story.

But John McCain?

This information and connection should give every MAGA patriot some pause.

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American patriots need to do their research into any new candidate, including those who say they’re Republican and have a nice back story. This country has ended up with many politicians “who look good on paper” but who turn out to be Establishment globalists who work against our core causes, as I see it.

I’m not saying this is the case with this individual, but we need to know more. What was especially concerning for me is that when I searched for her strong, supportive words for President Donald Trump, I was unable to find any. Big red flag.

Maybe she’s waiting to show her support for him — I don’t know. But somebody should ask her. If we want to win back our country and beat the swamp, we need strong “America First” candidates, not wishy-washy Establishment types.

It’s time to hold people accountable, whether it’s this new candidate or others, and make sure they’re not just going through the motions and saying all the “right” things in order to squeak by. We must demand that the candidates we support strongly and boldly support Trump. Because if they don’t, they’re of no use to us, in my opinion.

A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com; [7] this article is used by permission.

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