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Ocasio-Cortez, Who Claimed Migrants Had to ‘Drink Out of Toilets,’ Is Humiliated

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has found herself at the center of yet another online spat after Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) took to Twitter to mock her this week.

It all started on Wednesday, Fox News [1] reported, when King took to Twitter to say he visited the same cell where Ocasio-Cortez had claimed migrants were drinking from the toilet.

“I took a drink out of there,” King tweeted, referring to the sink located above the toilet. “And [it was] actually pretty good!”

“No way was AOC objectively honest in her #FakeNews spin about the border [2],” King wrote of Ocasio-Cortez’s assertion about subpar conditions. “Click bait for snowflakes!”

King went on to suggest the initial claim was the result of a “language barrier” that resulted in “misinformation” about facilities.

Ocasio-Cortez fired back at him hours later.

“There is a genre of videos where GOP House members — who clearly didn’t read sworn testimony that detention sinks were broken — [were] filming themselves drinking out of toilet sinks,” she tweeted. “They’re so anti-immigrant they risk pink eye to show off that they didn’t do the reading #CloseTheCamps.”

After touring this facility back in July, Ocasio-Cortez claimed migrants at the detention centers were being forced to drink “out of toilets” there.

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Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings immediately said this was false and that migrants were given fresh drinking water.

“We don’t treat people that way,” Hastings said. “We provide fresh water, we provide food, we provide sanitary items as well as items for bathing and personal hygiene … We have fresh water available at all times in our facilities.”

Ocasio-Cortez has long been a vocal critic of migrant detention facilities at the border, [2] going so far as to compare the centers to concentration camps.

Republicans have responded by accusing her of drastically dramatizing the situation at the border.

This piece originally appeared in the Objectivist [12] and is used by permission.

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