Nancy Pelosi Tells White House She’s Praying for ‘Lawless’ Trump

During her weekly press conference, the speaker of the House let loose on the president while venting about the 'heavy decision' of impeachment

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) responded to a question during her weekly press conference on Thursday about the type of advice she would give the White House in regard to cooperating with the House Intelligence Committee.

Her response was for those in the White House to “speak truth.”

She also said she has been “prayerful” about all of this.

Sorry — but seriously?

She was asked the question, “What message do you have to the White House regarding cooperation with the committee?”

Here’s how she responded at her press conference — which covered over topics as well: “Speak truth. Speak truth. But know truth. Believe me, I am very prayerful about this. This is a heavy decision to go down this path. For some people, it was easier. They thought the transgressions were self-evident. I thought we needed more facts to show the American people as to why this was necessary.”

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“But last week, use any metaphor you want: crossing the Rubicon. A new day has dawned,” she also said. “Alea iacta est — which is what they said when they cross[ed] the Rubicon. Any analogy — we are at a different level of lawlessness, that is self-evident to the American people, which is clearer than saying the president obstructed Congress because he would not let us see these records. Because we can’t see the records, we can’t show the public what the president is hiding. So, as long as he keeps obstructing, and in this case because of the whistleblower we have this access, then we have a heightened responsibility to act upon those facts.”

“But as we go forward — I was seven years, I mean, we talk about my 25 years of intelligence, I was seven years, longer than anybody in Congress, on the Ethics Committee,” she added.” And on the Ethics Committee, we were trained: It’s about the fact and the law, and in that case, the rules of the House. Nothing else mattered.”

“So, if you have disappointment about the president being cowardly about gun violence prevention and not wanting to offend 10 percent of the nation who are not as supportive of gun violence, or cruel in terms of Dreames, or trans, or in denial about climate change — this list goes on and on,” Pelosi added. “In opposition to a woman’s right to choose. Violence against women act. Equal pay for equal work. Any of those things. If you have your disagreements with the president, save that for the election. That has nothing to do with the impeachment. The impeachment [is] about the facts of his action and his lawlessness, which he considers a virtue, apparently. He thinks his letter is good and his, his — and the Constitution of the United States.”

All of this Pelosi “wisdom” comes from a “Catholic” who supports Planned Parenthood and contraception.

This writer doesn’t mean to come off as cold — but with all of this coming from a person who supports abortion, I find her words meaningless.

Pelosi apparently belongs to left-wing “fair-weather Catholicism,” or “cafeteria Catholicism.”

This describes Catholics who pick and choose which teachings of the church they want to follow — and which ones they do not.

Pelosi should also be called a cafeteria American, in my view — as she picks and chooses the specific parts of the Constitution of the United States that she likes.

Watch above, via MRCTV.

When you pray to God for the wisdom to stop promoting the murder of innocent unborn human lives, then you can talk about what is moral.

This piece by Wayne Dupree originally appeared in The Political Insider and is used by permission.

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