Liberal Author Says All ‘Normal People’ Must Stop Wearing Red Hats of All Kinds

Demand is so patently absurd, notes an op-ed writer, even many people on the Left were and are taken aback by it

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It is a shame, but I guess it was clear it was bound to happen.

The weak-minded, triggered and completely incapable-of-navigating-life snowflakes have found their cause to rally around, as I see it.

The news that novelist Rebecca Makkai implored everyone through her Twitter account to stop wearing red hats is a step so absurd that even those on the Left were taken aback.

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She said it is too scary for everyone and called for “normal” people to stop wearing red hats.

She went as far as to include all red baseball-type caps. She means those worn by lots of sports teams like the Washington Wizards, the Boston Red Sox, the Cincinnati Reds, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Buffalo Bills, the Chicago Bulls, the Cleveland Indians, the Alabama Crimson Tid — the list goes on.

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Seems the very color red is the issue.

Maybe there is a theme there. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) wants us to stop eating meat — “red” meat, that is. So what is the problem? It must be the color red itself.

Let’s see, what else is red? The Republican-leaning states are colored red on political maps. It is clear the Left would like that color to change in those states.

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Isn’t Chick-fil-A‘s sign red? We know the Left doesn’t like that organization either.

This could get bad, though. If the Left really gets triggered by this, think of all the red things that must be banned. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) will have to change her lipstick color. No more red high heel shoes. No more Christian Louboutin or Yves St. Laurent shoes with red soles will be allowed.

The Hollywood elite will have to empty their closets over that one, and of course the walk down the red carpet will be a thing of the past.

Careful what you wish for … I think the Left may not have thought this all the way through.

No more red power ranger. No more Santa Claus, no more red crayons — these must be purged from every child’s coloring box.

No more red apples for teachers, either.

Careful what you wish for … I think the Left may not have thought this all the way through.

It is sad. As I get ready for work (yes, some of us on the Right do that because we are not asking for the government to give us everything for free), I look over my ties and lament that I can no longer wear my favorite red power tie.

What a shame. It will be forever retired to the pile of things the Left has banned.

So I’ll have to wear a different tie. I’ll pick something that goes with the clothes and surely wont trigger any of the “normal” people.

What color, you ask?


Jon Harris is a former Army NCO, civilian law enforcement officer, and defense contractor with over 30 years in the law enforcement community. He is an OpsLens contributor and holds a B.S. in government and politics and an M.S. in criminal justice. This Ops Lens piece is used by permission.

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