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Ivanka Trump Is Badly Mocked on Foreign Trip — Shame on the Haters

Ivanka Trump, one of President Donald Trump’s children, cannot catch a break — much like first lady Melania Trump — when it comes to media treatment and online trolls.

During a visit to Bogota, Colombia, this past Tuesday, Ivanka Trump — there to promote the Trump administration’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP) — wore a head-turning green dress with billowing sleeves.

It was a dress by local designer Johanna Ortiz, as The Daily Mail [1] noted.

“However, while Ivanka started out the day looking rather stylish, gust[s] of wind turned the garment’s dramatic sleeves into a comedy show, sending them flying up into the president’s daughter’s face — and the internet has wasted no time in poking fun at the wardrobe malfunction,” as The Mail put it.

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People were merciless in their tweets and online mockery.

But what none of these people say is how remarkable Ivanka Trump is for all that she does as a representative of the White House, as a first daughter, as a mother, as an author, and as a successful businessperson in her own right.

Just really sad — she deserves so much better than this.

“A flurry of memes have since emerged satirizing the dress, which retails at $1,585, with some suggesting perhaps her gardener was in charge of buying her latest frock,” The Mail added.

“Others compared the mother of three to a variety of green-hued creatures and a trembling Kermit the Frog even made an appearance alongside Ivanka’s photograph on Twitter.”

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Imagine if this were ever done to the Obama children?

Check out some of the vitriol and mockery she has endured online — and share your thoughts about this.