Ivanka Trump Is Mocked by Actor Mark Hamill, Who Goes After Her on Twitter

This is in poor form and one more piece of evidence that the first family faces a level of harassment and mockery not experienced by other women in other administrations

She has hurt no one and done nothing wrong except serve her country in her father’s administration — stepping away from many of the businesses she worked on and in previously so that she could help President Donald Trump.

Yet all too often, when she tweets out a cheery message about her family or her life — she’s rudely mocked by those who happen to disagree with her father’s politics and policies.

Disagreement is fine — but the constant and severe putdowns of a family are a little hard to take.

First daughter Ivanka Trump is smart, elegant, accomplished, dedicated and well-meaning.

Yet over the weekend, actor Mark Hamill — best known for his work as Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” franchise — tweeted in reply to something Ivanka Trump shared.

He didn’t like her attempt to make a “Star Wars” reference in a tweet of hers — and fired back hard.

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In a photo she posted on Twitter and Instagram, Ivanka Trump can be seen in a beautiful evening dress as she stands beside her husband, Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president. The two were about to head out on a date night, as other outlets reported.

Their children are in the foreground and one of them, apparently her son, Theodore, can be seen wearing his Storm Trooper costume.

“The Force is strong in my family,” she wrote in the caption. How sweet!

But Hamill quote-tweeted the image and commented, “You misspelled ‘fraud’” — then added the hashtag “#GoForceYourself,” as The Independent and other outlets pointed out.

Really something.

If former first lady Michelle Obama had tweeted out the same picture of something similar of herself and her family — no way in the world would she garner that type of response.

And we wonder why millions of American women and girls don’t and can’t see more of both Ivanka Trump and first lady Melania Trump on the covers of popular magazines today?

There are no (or very few) profiles of them or their latest activities or interests.

We don’t see complimentary fashion spreads about them. We don’t see compelling interviews with them — or if we do, those articles are few and far between.

Nope. It’s all about political bias.

Over the weekend, Bethany Mandel in Sunday’s New York Post pointed out, “Former Conde Nast contributor and freelance writer Stephanie Green told The Post that fashion magazines ‘have become handbooks for the resistance.'”

“She went on, ‘People working in the fashion industry all think the same thing. Anna Wintour [editor-in-chief of Vogue] has to feed the beast. Unfortunately, all people who think the same way want someone to pick on, and Melania is that person. Every time she steps out not caring [about what they say], it makes them crazier.'”


LifeZette has detailed previously how both Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump have been bullied openly by mainstream media outlets and individuals — or at least very rudely treated. So this is no surprise to readers of this publication.

But it’s discouraging and disappointing that the snubbing and bullying has occurred to the extent that it has — and that in late September 2019, almost three years after President Donald Trump was elected to the White House, this is still occurring.

The Mandel column in The Post goes to say that “a staffer at a popular women’s lifestyle brand admitted to me, ‘We are careful to cover the Trumps in a way that doesn’t glamorize them. Not only because of probable backlash on Twitter, but also people on staff have moral issues with [the president], so we don’t want to cover him in that way.”

Yet Michelle Obama, during her tenure, was repeatedly gushed over, fawned over, practically fallen over, by media outlets too numerous to count.

Scores of those magazines featured her on their covers. Women and girls had plenty of material to draw from and learn from about the previous first lady. Yet that is not the case this time around.

“Covering Melania and Ivanka’s fashion sense would put too good a spin on either of the Trump women,” said Mandel of The Post, “and so, despite the fact audiences crave this content, most media outlets refuse to do so out of (liberal) principle.”

Then she finished with a great point.

“What the media, including these ‘women’s’ publications, continually fail to realize is when you don’t report on the good, you have little moral standing when you report on the bad.”

See these previous stories detailing the bullying of Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump in the links below — and share your thoughts in the comments below.

And let’s see, by the way, how Melania Trump’s sure-to-be-magnificent decorations at the White House this Christmas season are treated by the mainstream media this year — since for the past several years they’ve been ripped by the press, even though her decorations and her taste have been stunningly beautiful, classy and a wonderful tribute to this country in every way.

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