The so-called whistleblower who shared second-hand and possibly even third-hand information with authorities about a telephone call President Donald Trump had with the new president of Ukraine apparently has some political bias, members of the Fox News team revealed on Tuesday night.

That “political bias” — whatever specifics may be revealed on that — should be coming out in the next day or so.

A senior Trump administration official told Fox News late on Tuesday, the outlet reported, that the administration will release a document showing the intelligence community inspector general found the whistleblower who leveled an “explosive” allegation against Trump regarding his conversation with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky had “political bias” in favor of “a rival candidate” of the president — though that “rival candidate” was not named.

Is the start of the entire story’s unraveling?

Stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime, there’s this: “Separately, a senior administration official told Fox News [that] the White House has been working as quickly as it can to release to Congress the whistleblower complaint involving President Trump’s conversations with the leader of Ukraine, as long as it’s legally possible,” Fox News reported.

All of this emerged just hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she’s beginning an impeachment inquiry by alleging that the administration kept the complaint secret.

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The momentum on impeachment among Democrats came as Trump said on Tuesday that he authorized the release of the full transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian president — a call in which he allegedly brought up investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, as The Washington Post reported.

The Post also noted, in part, “Pelosi and top Democrats have been privately discussing the creation of a select committee to conduct the possible impeachment of Trump.”

The White House and Trump have maintained there’s been no wrongdoing on his part.

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Fox News also noted that “a senior administration official” told the network “there are a ‘few words’ in the transcript [of the call] that will raise eyebrows, but it is nowhere near as inflammatory as Democrats have suggested.”

Meanwhile, why aren’t more news outlets and/or government officials looking into Joe Biden’s situation and background with regard to Ukraine?

Biden has bragged on camera — and the video is widely available — that he successfully pressured Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, while Shokin was investigating the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings — where Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was on the board and raking in quite a bit of money ($50,000 a month, reportedly) for that role.

Shokin himself had separately been accused of corruption, Fox News noted.

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