Diamond and Silk: ‘Black Voters Don’t Need Reparations, They Need Liberation’

Democrats continue to talk down to this group of Americans by pandering to them with over-the-top promises while offering no solutions to real problems

NBA legend Charles Barkley recently slammed Democrats for speaking only to black people every “four years” when they want their vote.

“Legendary NBA power forward Charles Barkley opined on the Democratic Party’s relationship with the black community in an interview with radio host Michael Smerconish’s show this week,” noted Real Clear Politics.

“We need to start holding you Democrats accountable because they’ve been taking black people’s votes, and they only talk to black people every four years,” Barkley said, as the same outlet noted. “All of these politicians only talk to black people every four years because they want their vote. Oh, actually, the Republicans don’t, the Democrats do. But when they get elected, they do nothing in the four years in-between.”

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It was a powerful and true statement that many of us on the Right have recognized for decades now.

Democrats talk a great game to black voters every few years — then when the voting is over, they forget about them.

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Many of these voters are lower income and live in communities ravaged by crime, drugs, and abject poverty.

Yet even so, every four years the Democrats come knocking for their votes — and the black communities oblige.

The pro-Trump power duo Diamond and Silk appeared on Fox News several days ago to discuss this very topic.

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Democrats continue to talk down to black voters by pandering to them with promises of “reparations,” but they offer no solutions to fix their real problems.

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Reparations are not going to fix hopeless and broken communities.

Jobs, proper housing, and education will.

Maybe if Democrats stop putting all of their energy into helping illegal aliens and truly focused on the needs of the black community, we’d see some real improvements.

However, as it stands now, it’s just panicked “political double talk” during an election year.

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Diamond told the “Fox and Friends” panel, “Let me just tell you this here: When it comes to Democrats listening, they promise on everything and they deliver on nothing.”

She went on to say, “Look at how they’re promising reparations. Black people don’t need reparations — they need liberation from the Democrat Party.”

You can watch the video from “Fox and Friends” below:

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