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CNN Likely Created ‘57.4 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Emissions’ During Its Town Hall

Network spent seven hours of programming on the topic — look what it produced in doing so, according to one study's projections

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You couldn’t make up this goofy stuff if you tried.

The “climate change” hypocrisy on the Left is off the charts, in my view; it reads like a script for a made-for-TV comedy.

CNN and the Democrats got together on Wednesday night for an absurd seven-hours to discuss ways to save the planet.

But there’s one glaring problem.

A BBC report found that CNN’s “climate crisis”  town hall resulted in a whopping 54.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions spewed into the atmosphere.

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You read that right.

Check this out, via Townhall — it’s a piece that appeared before the CNN town hall occurred: “If you don’t have any grass to watch grow or any paint you need to watch dry, perhaps you may find yourself tuning in to CNN’s town hall on Wednesday night. It started at 5:00 p.m. ET and will run for seven hours. The focus, of course, is the 2020 Democratic candidates’ solutions for what the Left believes is America’s number-one issue: climate change. But what are the environmental impacts of this town hall? According to a 2011 British study, CNN will likely emit 8.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per hour via the production of the television special alone.”

“The BBC released the study after researching how many tons of carbon dioxide emissions were produced per hour by its station,” the article went on.

“Carbon Visuals was commissioned by the BBC to produce a set of images and a real-time animation showing the emissions resulting from one hour of TV programming. The data was provided by about 80 productions that were the first to use the Albert calculator at the BBC. So, based off this study, CNN will produce 57.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions while warning about increasing carbon dioxide emissions.”

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The animated video below shows how TV stations such as CNN create a gigantic carbon footprint.

Using the Albert carbon calculator, the BBC has determined that each hour of television output has a carbon footprint of 8.2 tons of CO2 (on average).

This short film shows what that rate looks like in real-time.

It shows the actual volume of carbon dioxide gas at standard temperature and 15 °C emerging at a rate of 8.2 tons per hour.

The bottom line is this: If CNN really wants to help the planet, the network should shut down tits “fake news” operation immediately.

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