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Church That Opposed ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Is Vandalized

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Why would anyone even allow a child to attend an activity like this [1]?

It is not OK, in my mind.

A church in Chula Vista, California, whose congregation strongly opposes the “Drag Queen Story Hour” was vandalized over the weekend.

It seems that someone had to act out with violence merely because other people don’t agree with the lifestyle or message of the event.

Why can’t an ordinarily dressed person read to young children?

Doesn’t this type of drag-queen dress, hair and make-up detract from the story?

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This is one op-ed writer who just doesn’t get it.

“The weekend vandalism at a Chula Vista church is being investigated as a hate crime by the police, and a pastor believes his church was targeted because of their strong opposition to the city-run children’s event known as ‘Drag Queen Storytime,'” as 10News.com [2] reported.

“Holy music filled the halls at South Bay Pentecostal Church Sunday, but the walls outside sang a different tune.”

“‘Sure enough, at every corner, there were phrases, hateful words, and graffiti on the walls of our church,’ Executive Pastor Amado Huizar said,” the same outlet [2] noted.

“Huizar quickly covered up the symbols and messages associated with Satan. He said that ‘there is no doubt’ the church was targeted.”

“For the last two weeks, Huizar has been outspoken about his opposition to the Chula Vista Library-sanctioned ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ event.”

As I said earlier, I personally cannot understand why people in their right minds would approve of a drag queen story hour for their young children.

Would you take your children to this? How does this activity [1] even have the widespread support of communities? What message is it sending?

Think about it: The government can take away kids from their parents for being spanked — but it will allow and even enable this sort of psychological abuse, as I see it, without a second thought. (Soon it will be a hate crime to say you disagree with it.)

Political correctness uses language manipulation to redefine — to twist — words and force those words to mean something they don’t, something that would otherwise be rejected as repugnant, vile and unacceptable to sane, rational, moral people.

It uses guilt to make people tolerate what would normally repulse them and make them cringe.

A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com; [3] this article is used by permission.

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