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Boat Fire Victims Had Such a Small Escape Hatch, Says Official

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The lead investigator in the Conception boat fire near Santa Cruz, California, expressed concern about the ability of passengers to escape in an emergency after she and her team toured a similar vessel in Santa Barbara Harbor on Wednesday, The Los Angeles Times reported.

National Transportation and Safety Board member Jennifer Homendy told The Times [4] she was “taken aback” by the size of the emergency hatch when she toured the Vision.

Investigators right now are trying to retrieve the 34th and final victim of a disastrous fire aboard the diving boat Conception earlier this week.

They also say it could take up to two years to determine the cause of the fire, Fox News reported on Thursday morning.

When a portion of the mayday call from the Conception was released, a person could be heard on the recording saying, “I can’t breathe,” as CNN and other outlets reported these past few days.

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The dispatcher also asked the person on the line the following questions:

The nation has been gripped all week by this tragedy.

“Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy,” Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said at a press conference on Monday.

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