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AOC’s Democratic Competition: ‘She’s Hollywood and Washington, She’s Never in the District’

“My name is Badrun Khan. And please go on my website, badrunforcongress.com [1].”

So said the potential Democratic challenger of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) (shown above) on Thursday night to Martha MacCallum of Fox News by way of introducing herself to viewers — and then proceeded to tell people exactly why she has problems with AOC. .

“As to why we don’t support Cortez, [it’s because] when she came out [as a candidate], she came out being a very strong person who was going to be for our congressional district,” said Khan, a community activist [2]. “But right now, what happened with our old congressman — he was Washington and Virginia. She’s Hollywood and Washington. She’s never in the district. She’s not sure what’s happening in the district.”

“She opened her office pretty late after she was elected.”

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“Socialism is not what most [people] in our 14th Congressional District are looking for,” added Khan on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” [3]

In terms of the potential Amazon deal that collapsed within itself in New York City after Ocasio-Cortez vehemently opposed it [4], Khan said, “Amazon would have brought our economy and that community pretty much up, especially for Queens Bridge. And they would [have given] a lot work — 25,000 jobs for them — and we didn’t even get a chance to speak on that. It was shut down singlehandedly. And I think it was not fair for that community because I think the community would have came up stronger, it would have [given] them jobs; high-level jobs … [The people in] Queens Bridge were actually very upset at what happened … We didn’t even get the chance to do that.”

MacCallum pointed out that AOC has “a net positive favorability” of “plus 19; in New York, 14. And she’s got a net positive of plus 27 among Democrats. That’s a pretty high hill for you to climb. She’s got $1.5 million in cash heading into that election for 2020. How are you going to overcome all of that?”

“Well, just to tell you, I’m not a politician,” answered Khan. “I’m a mother. And I’ve worked all my life. But I’m a daughter of a Bengali immigrant. My parents had a tough time when we grew up, but today we have managed to do this. And I think if people see what she is saying — it’s all dreams and saying things on T.V. that ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this.'”

Khan noted that AOC also talks about Medicare for All [10].

“[But] I want to know, how is that going to be paid? Does she even tell us how is that going to work? How is that going to come out?”

She added that she would “run as a Democrat … for everyone has to have health insurance. But … there has to be choice,” she added.

On the topic of the Green New Deal, Khan said she feels “it’s very good, but it’s very expensive … Is it possible to do that?” she wondered. “How is that going to be done? Can you show me papers? Can you show me numbers?”

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