Something that those in the mainstream media won’t talk about much is the gaffe former Vice President Joe Biden made on Thursday night in Iowa.

“We should challenge these students. We should challenge students in these schools to have advanced placement programs in these schools,” the former vice president said when discussing the need to improve America’s education system.

“We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

The 2020 Democrat frontrunner attempted to clarify his remarks very quickly by adding “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids” to the end of his statement.

But by then the video had been shared already across social media.

Are we to understand that Biden and the Democrats think there are no poor white kids in America — just poor black and brown kids?

If that isn’t blatant racism, we don’t know what is.

The Democrat definition of racism is apparently telling the truth about rat-infested Democrat-run cities. “Poor” seems to be the Democrat dog whistle for “black and brown.”

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Biden is extremely prone to error, but the entire Democrat Party and those in the mainstream media are full of people who stereotype based on race on a regular basis.

That includes saying Trump is a “racist” merely for calling out a particular “person of color” for that individual’s third-rate leadership — or turning the civil rights movement on its head by pushing for group identity and group rights over individual rights.

If diversity is such a strength, why are people always fighting over race? It’s only going to get worse, alas.

Gaffe or not, the Democrats and the teacher’s unions have a lot to answer for in the Democrat-controlled inner cities. The city of Baltimore, Maryland, is graduating exactly zero students from high school who pass a math competency exam.

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The saddest part is that the principal of an embattled charter school observed, “It is the same kids.”

We don’t see anyone else beating Biden for the nomination — and it seems the Democrats know that, too, which scares the heck out of them.

This piece originally appeared in The Political Insider and is used by permission.

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