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Shep Smith So Upset That Hundreds of Undocumented Workers Were Arrested

In case you missed this story, Shep Smith of Fox News was very emotional on the air recently — which, in my opinion, is unprofessional for those who are supposed to be reporting the news.

The people whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rounded up [1] recently weren’t supposed to be here.

Why is that so hard to understand?

These arrests will no doubt give legal immigrants or, heaven forbid, American citizens a chance to obtain good-paying jobs.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement personnel are doing the jobs we are paying them to do — jobs they took an oath to perform.

Watch this video below to see what I mean about “emotional.”

Even President Donald Trump responded to Shep Smith’s coverage of a raid on a chicken plant this past Wednesday.

That raid was responsible for over 600 arrests on Wednesday.

(Roughly 30 people among those arrested were released on humanitarian grounds, while another 270 were released after being processed by ICE, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi said Thursday, as Fox News [2] reported.)

As the Associated Press also reported, “U.S. immigration officials raided seven Mississippi chicken processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in the largest workplace sting in at least a decade.”

The raids had been planned for months, the outlet also noted.

It’s not just one or two people at a time who are sneaking into this country with a backpack and a dream.

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Human trafficking rings are smuggling thousands of people into this country each year.

The smugglers and their employers are providing food, shelter, transportation, jobs, and false papers.

While politicians talk big, the industries that rely on this labor source are huge campaign donors; the message is that you don’t do anything to reduce their access to cheap labor, increase accountability, increase enforcement or endanger their profit margins.

What many people miss entirely about the migrant debate, in my view, is that this boils down to dollars and cents.

Employers who enable these illegalities also need to be arrested, in my opinion; they create the demand for the undocumented to find jobs.

The blame can’t be solely on the workers.

A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [7] and is used by permission.

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