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Jeffrey Epstein May Have Feared His Former Jail Cellmate — and Other Updates

Jeffrey Epstein

An ex-police officer who is facing the death penalty on federal murder and drug charges was reportedly a cellmate of Jeffrey Epstein’s at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correction Center before he died, as Fox News [1] reported on Monday morning.

But the former cop — who is from Westchester County, New York — was reportedly moved out of Epstein’s cell shortly before the 66-year-old convicted pedophile was found deceased early on Saturday morning.

Epstein died of an apparent suicide [2], but there’s not yet been definitive word on that.

An autopsy was performed on Epstein’s body on Sunday [3] by the medical examiner’s office; results have not yet been released.

Roughly two weeks ago, Epstein was placed on suicide watch after he was found in his cell with neck bruises.

He was semi-conscious when he was found.

But after a week of evaluations, Epstein was reportedly taken off that suicide watch status at the end of July.

It is still not clear exactly how he died. Reports suggest there was no video camera trained on his cell.

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Attorney General Bill Barr has vowed to get to the bottom of what happened.

“There is not one chance in hell that this was a suicide,” a reader speculated bluntly in an online post about Epstein’s passing.

“I knew from the very beginning that those rich men in power who committed these atrocities would ‘never’ see justice,” the same reader said. “If he had testified, half of D.C. and half of Hollywood would have self-imploded. I guess the rich and powerful ‘can’ get away with anything.”

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Appearing on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning to discuss the case, former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman urged people to slow down with any conspiracy theories about Epstein’s passing until more information is released and more facts are uncovered.

“I think everyone should pause until we know the cause and manner of death, [and] the toxicology, the autopsy is complete,” Fuhrman advised.

“Everyone should pause until we know the cause and manner of death,” said former detective Mark Fuhrman.

“Many [people] have been quick to blame the correctional facility that housed Epstein at the time of his death for allowing 30 minutes to pass without checking on the financier — though Fuhrman believes the ‘understaffed and overworked’ officers ‘followed exactly the protocols that they were supposed to,'” as Fox News [6] reported on Monday morning about Fuhrman’s remarks.

Meanwhile, some salacious stories connected to this case are also circulating.

An alleged “sex slave” of Epstein accused several people of misconduct in a deposition that was recently unsealed — “including a powerful Democratic lawmaker who turned down an appointment to the Supreme Court,” the Daily Caller News Foundation [7] is reporting on Monday morning.

“Virginia Giuffre said Epstein directed her to perform erotic massages and [have] sexual intercourse with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell of Maine, an elder statesmen in the Democratic Party whom former President Bill Clinton asked to succeed Justice Harry Blackmun in 1994,” the outlet also reported — adding that “Mitchell denied any wrongdoing.”

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