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Bernie’s Campaign Manager Announces the Socialist Might Not Win New Hampshire

Nothing like your own coach telling you that you're going to lose — this employee is apparently 'leaving room for a scenario in which Sanders falls short' in the Granite State

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Forget about New Hampshire — he won’t win the election!

It seems that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has a traitor in his 2020 camp, as I see it, and is it his campaign manager — or one of them?

On Thursday, Faiz Shakir said he doesn’t “like the language of must-win,” but added that Bernie still has a chance of winning the nomination without winning New Hampshire.

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He then claimed that he did expect his boss to win, but …

I suspect the majority of America now recognizes that the viability of giving “free” stuff to people is an unsupportable platform.

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Socialist Sanders is not the chosen one by the Democratic National Committee — but I bet they’re scrambling to figure out the lesser of evils, as we all are.

I don’t like Bernie Sanders or his politics. But if my manager said that and meant what he said, I would have fired him on the spot.

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Nothing like your coach telling you that you’re going to lose!

It doesn’t matter who the Democratic nominee is — that person, whoever it may be, doesn’t stand a chance against President Donald Trump in 2020, in my view.

“The campaign manager for Bernie Sanders emphasized Thursday that New Hampshire is a critical presidential primary state he expects Sanders to win, but he’s leaving room for a scenario in which Sanders falls short,” as the Associated Press reported.

The outlet went on to say the following: “Faiz Shakir said he doesn’t ‘like the language of must-win,’ though he does believe it is an important early voting state. But he said he still thinks Sanders could win the Democratic nomination without taking New Hampshire, though he acknowledges that the path to victory would be more difficult if Sanders doesn’t.”

“‘I see it as essential and critical to win,’ Shakir said. ‘But if it doesn’t happen — again, go through the hypotheticals — is there a chance he could still win? Yeah. There’s still a chance he could win. It gets harder if we don’t win New Hampshire for sure.'”

“Sanders … carried [neighboring] New Hampshire by 22 points in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, which Hillary Clinton went on to clinch.”

The campaign manager said he still thinks Sanders could win the Democratic nomination without taking New Hampshire.

New Hampshire state Rep. Timothy Smith — a Manchester Democrat who continues to support Sanders — said Bernie’s needing to win the state is “perception more than reality. New Hampshire doesn’t have a lot of delegates to the Democratic National Convention,” Smith said. He added, “We’re not California. We’re not Texas.”

Remember 2016? We do not hear much about “the Bern” this year.

This time around, it’s all about Biden and his gaffes, why Beto is no longer the new JFK, why Harris is not the biracial heroine-savior that some people thought she was — and then there’s good old “Pocahontas,” who tried to find favor with Native-Americans and others by taking away medals from long-deceased soldiers who were following orders. How low can you go?

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