Former second lady Jill Biden believes that while other Democratic candidates for the 2020 nomination might have “better policy provisions,” her own husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, is the “electable one.”

“We have to beat Trump,” she said, stumping for her husband, during an interview on MSNBC this week.

But one 2020 candidate for the Democratic nomination has a problem with that, at least in part.

“I think electability is key,” said John Delaney, former Maryland representative (shown above left), speaking on the Fox News program “America’s Newsroom,” on Tuesday morning.

Delaney added, “I think it’s clear that a more moderate candidate is what we need to beat Donald Trump. We have to win the center and win independent voters to beat Donald Trump. And a more moderate candidate like myself is the — are the people to do that. But we also need a candidate with new ideas. The American people are really looking for a new vision, particularly an economic vision, as to how we create an economy that works for all Americans. And we fundamentally can’t be running on business as usual.”

He also said that Democrats “have to be running on this notion of building a big-tent Democratic Party, winning the center, and hav[ing] economic ideas that are exciting but are also real solutions, where we tell the American people how they’re going to happen, how we’re going to pay for them, and how we’re going to get them done.”

“We can’t have these impossible promises that some of the people on the Left are running on,” Delaney insisted, clearing referring to the far-Left group of progressives running to go up against Trump in November 2020. “We need new ideas, real solutions, and we need a moderate candidate to beat Donald Trump.”

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“OK, but [this] seems to be a year in which promising things like Medicare for All is what is exciting the Democratic faithful out there,” said anchor Jon Scott.

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“Well, it’s exciting some of the Democratic base, but I think as we’re having more of a conversation about Medicare for All, which I started and I have led, I think most people are realizing it’s terrible policy and it’s also terrible politics. So I believe if we put someone on the top of the ticket who’s running on Medicare for All, we’re going to lose to Donald Trump.”

He also said that he doesn’t think “we’ll ultimately do that because I think the Democratic Party is starting to figure out that if you go to half the American people and tell them that their private health insurance is going to be illegal, that’s not a good way to win the center, win independents, and beat Donald Trump.”

Scott noted that Delaney was “the first candidate to announce,” yet thus far he’s not qualified to be included in the next Democratic debate, which takes place at the end of September in Houston. “Why?”

“As someone who is a business leader, a former CEO of two public companies that I started, and a member of Congress, I’ve got a unique background,” said Delaney.

“Well, we feel confident that we’re going to make either the third or the fourth debate. And that’s what we’re working toward … Right now, I think the race is still very early. They’re not casting votes in Iowa, which is the first caucus state, obviously, for about six months. And I think most voters are just starting to dial into this race. About five or six candidates are getting all the attention, Vice President Biden and a few others who are running very far to the Left. I think Democratic primary voters are just starting to focus on this race. And we think it’s early and we think we’ll be in either the third or the fourth debate.”

He said he believes he “had a good performance in the first two [debates].”

He also said that “no one has campaigned harder than I have in Iowa [as of now]. And I just think what people are thinking in the early states — Iowa, New Hampshire — is very different than what’s kind of going on in what I call the social media primary, where there’s this kind of competition to see who can put out more extreme ideas, more impossible promises, more fairy-tale economics.”

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“But in reality I think what most Democrats are looking for is someone who can really solve problems,” insisted Delaney. “They know that’s what this country needs and they know that’s how we beat Donald Trump. So I just think this whole thing is early … There [are] two dozen candidates running. So it’s a little hard for voters to sort it all out … The field’s going to get smaller.”

Scott said to him, “You’re announcing yourself as the moderate Democrat candidate. You think that’s going to help you win the nomination?”

“Yes,” replied Delaney, “because that’s what the country needs. Look, the only way we get things done in this country is by bringing people together. As someone who is a business leader, a former CEO of two public companies that I started, and a member of Congress, I’ve got a unique background. I’m the only person running who’s been successful in business and in government. What that means is I can get things done and I can bring people together, which is what we need to do to beat Trump and to actually start governing. That’s what the Democratic Party’s going to look for.”

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