The city of Baltimore, Maryland, “is in obvious decline,” pointed out Fox News host Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday night.

She was explicitly weighing in on the continuing controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s recent critiques of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and the city of Baltimore — not to mention other Democrats who have contributed to the decline of other cities across Monday, or at least not taken strong, strident steps to fix a myriad of problems, including crime, homelessness, economic devaluation and much more.

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“Trump’s gruff and provocative style may enrage Democrats and even a few Trump-resistance Republicans, but he’s right,” Ingraham declared on her program.

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She also noted that even if the president’s criticism was politically calculated, he still made a strong and worthwhile point.

“He’s highlighted something [that] both Democrats and Republicans often prefer to ignore,” she noted.

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“[That’s] the plight of urban America — especially under liberal politicians who have in the past, at times, stoked racial fears rather than just do what’s right, what works,” Ingraham declared.

And it’s Democrats, the Fox host noted, who have refused to acknowledge the millions and millions of dollars spent over the years on “policies that don’t deliver results.”

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Mincing no words, Ingraham also criticized Democrat Cummings for choosing not to work alongside this president — and said Democrats have given up on “urban America.”

“Elijah Cummings — he could have helped the city of Baltimore by working with the president instead of demonizing him for the past two years,” Ingraham said. “It’s not Trump who has given up on urban America. The charlatans calling him a racist have.”

Kimberly Klacik, a Baltimore resident advocate and an independent journalist, joined the program to discuss the issue as well. Trump recently retweeted her comments and video showing some of the poor conditions in Baltimore — which is what led to a lot of this discussion and debate.

She said many residents there feel forgotten — they “feel the government should do something” to help them.

Ingraham said to her at one point, “Isn’t it easier to call Trump a racist — and people say, ‘Oh, he set himself up’ — but now what? … It’s easier to use the race card than to say, ‘You know something, what we’ve been doing has not worked.'”

Klacik replied, “I think they [the Democrats] are just into boosting themselves up, padding their own pockets … This is about getting the trash picked up … But I have to warn people, this is really a dangerous situation … There were needles, dead rats … You can’t just go and pick this up.”

She noted conditions in some parts of Baltimore are so dangerous and so decrepit that only professionals who know what they’re doing and have the proper equipment should be working on the critical cleanups and fixes.

In terms of Trump’s motives for going down the path he’s been taking on these points, Klacik said, “I think he retweeted something he saw because he wants something to be done [to improve American cities].”

“[Lawmakers] should be cleaning up this trash” and “fixing Baltimore and other urban areas,” she declared.

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