Left-Wing Celebrity Wants to Shut Down President Trump’s Twitter

This individual somehow believes the commander-in-chief should be silenced on social media — here's what she proposed

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Some things are not to be believed.

Then again, in this highly fractured political and cultural environment right now, maybe this isn’t surprising at all.

Singer, actress and left-wing activist Bette Midler — fearing another victory for President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election — this weekend called for a shutdown of Trump’s Twitter feed until after the presidential election is over.

Midler declared to Twitter’s CEO and co-founder — billionaire Jack Dorsey — on Sunday that he would “help your country and the planet” if he were to “[kick] Trump off Twitter.”

But if Dorsey couldn’t do that, she went on, maybe he could have Trump “[shut] down [on Twitter] until the next election.”

She added a few other choice comments as well.

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Here’s her tweet on the subject:

Immediate question: Is she also calling for a “Twitter shutdown” of the country’s most prominent Democrat politicians and/or 2020 candidates?

(Hmm. Why not?)

And this question: Is she also calling for a shutdown of her own Twitter feed?

And this one: How about a Twitter shutdown for other liberal Hollywood celebs — is she calling for that, too?

Of course not.

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And that wouldn’t be the answer to her “problems,” anyway.

Clearly this Hollywood celebrity thinks it’s somehow acceptable to try to snuff out a key way that the president — an American citizen and social media user, after all, just like everyone else — communicates with others. It’s utter fantasy.

She just doesn’t like his messages.

On Twitter, the president shares information, thoughts, insights and more directly with the American people — since, as he’s said so many times in the past, the “fake news” media cannot be trusted to represent his or others’ actions, activities, and statements accurately.

Check out this video — and share your thoughts on this issue in the comments section below.

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