Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) is one of America’s top conservatives, and some argue he should have been speaker of the House instead of former Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.).

Meadows supports this country along with President Donald Trump.

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The GOP lawmaker made a significant discovery after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s two hearings before a committee of the Democrat-led House this past week.

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Here’s what he wrote on Twitter.

“They misled, misdirected and misrepresented — but never forget perhaps the most remarkable thing Democrats did during the Mueller hearing: They advocated the idea that a person is guilty unless a prosecutor exonerates them. That is NOT our standard in America. It can never be so,” the chair of the House Freedom Caucus said in a tweet on Friday.

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Meadows didn’t get to ask questions during the hearing, but I remember him sitting behind Mueller, off to the right, as if he were the rightful hand of justice, just in case Mueller got out of line.

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Mueller’s performance didn’t do his own reputation or the Democrats any favors, as many thought the career law-enforcement guy seemed out of it, especially when asked about the report. He seemed to know little about the report that had his name written all over it.

“They [the Democrats] went all in. It didn’t work. It flopped.”

Although Mueller said his investigation did not exonerate Trump, we also learned that nobody could be exonerated, as exoneration wasn’t even an option for the special counsel. It wasn’t in his purview.

Meadows also tweeted: “Don’t let the Left retroactively downplay the importance of today’s Mueller hearings because it went poorly for Democrats. They held mock hearings, practiced for cameras, and even set up a stand-in Jim Jordan. They went all in. It didn’t work. It flopped.”

When guilt cannot be proved, “exoneration,” or whatever one chooses to call “not guilty,” goes without saying because it is automatic.

This is the intent of “innocent until proved guilty,” which is at the core of our system of law in the United States.

The Democrats and the leftist media will continue to push this “false narrative” about President Trump, complete with breathless vitriol, worthless subpoenas, and go-nowhere investigations, non-stop from now until the 2020 election because it is all they have.

One thing that came out of this that is not being mentioned often enough is that when Mueller was asked “if the POTUS or the administration interfered with the investigation at all.”

Mueller answered, “No.”

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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