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One Hockey Coach’s Message to All: ‘I Take Pride in My Country’


A Connecticut hockey coach who went viral for telling his players in no uncertain terms to stand for the American and Canadian national anthems said on Thursday morning he will not apologize for telling his players to show respect to the flag and the nations.

His team plays both anthems before their games, he noted.

“I take pride in my country,” Krupinsky said, adding he wouldn’t “tell anyone else how to run their teams.”

“When you’re dealing with your team, you have to give clear, concise orders,” he also said. “Everybody needs to know what you say and what you mean.”

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John Krupinsky, an assistant coach for the Danbury Hat Tricks of the Federal Hockey League, appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” [2] on Thursday morning and said the national anthem is important to him.

He also works as a police sergeant for the Danbury Police Department in Connecticut.

“I’ve unfortunately seen it [the flag] cover too many coffins. I think we can take a timeout to give two minutes’ worth of respect to our soldiers, to our firemen, to our policemen,” he also said [3].

“I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

“And I’m not going to apologize for asking players to show a little bit of respect when it’s either the American or Canadian national anthem [that’s playing].”

In response to the controversy caused by Megan Rapinoe of the winning U.S. Women’s Soccer team — who righteously declared she would not step foot ever in the Trump White House — Krupinsky said, “Well, we’re available to go to the White House” should his team ever be asked, he told the “Fox & Friends” hosts.

Watch the video here of Krupinsky addressing his team — a video that has gone viral.

And warning, some foul language is used in this video: