It is not sufficient to merely say someone committed a crime.

Evidence is required.

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) wants her supporters to back her latest crazy insistence that President Donald Trump deserves to be in prison.

Tens of millions of dollars and scores of law enforcement and private investigators have produced nothing in more than two years.

Waters should tend to her own district, in my view.

Surely it could use attention.

Waters, who has previously called Trump and members of his Cabinet “racist,” outlined her plan to put Trump in prison after he is removed from the White House. She cited former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and said the president must be held responsible for his wrongdoing.

“Michael Cohen is serving 3 yrs for the crimes that he committed w/ and for the president of the USA. Many are wondering why this case was closed. It ain’t over until it’s over & it ain’t over until Trump is held responsible for all of his crimes. Impeachment first, prison next!” one tweet read.

“Testimony from the lawyers who worked with Mueller would be additional and supportive information about #45 and his obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia. We can’t stop now. Let’s go for it! Impeachment is the answer!” she wrote on Twitter.

She also said House Democrats are prepared to coerce the information they need out of Mueller during his Wednesday testimony on Capitol Hill if he doesn’t give them what they want. (source: Fox News)

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The collusion by Maxine Waters herself is staring her straight in her face. She can’t ever stop blaming — because she, along with her cohorts, helped elect a certain president in 2008.

None of them properly vetted Barack Obama, in my view. Their mistake will be their demise.

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Obama would have told them the future is the new past; therefore, there’s no need to learn from the past.

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Obama would say that “now” becomes irrelevant to the Democratic Party’s journey into oblivion.

To them, “sorry” is a sign of weakness — so it’s not in their vocabulary.

I think Attorney General William Barr should launch an investigation into Maxine Waters’s collusion with the Russians without any limits on scope or duration.

The Dems have demonstrated that investigations can be launched without any evidentiary basis whatsoever — so why not?

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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