“I’d like to see one accomplishment she has” to her name during her time in Congress, wrote one LifeZette reader recently about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) (shown above, beside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi).

“She does nothing but attack people all day, every day,” the reader added.

And that’s but the tip of the iceberg.

Many Americans, both on the website itself and on our social media channels, have been speaking their minds of late about the activities and comments of progressive Democrat AOC.

The young lawmaker not only tried to make former ICE director Tom Homan look bad the other day during a congressional hearing, she’s routinely and systematically gone after President Donald Trump and other Republicans and conservatives who are working on behalf of the American people and our country to make it stronger in so many ways.

In addition to the first comment at the start of this article, here are 20 more comments from everyday Americans — smart, sharp, and call-it-as-they-see-it people who would much rather have our elected officials do the jobs they were elected to do than rip into the president, his staff, his administration and so many others on a daily basis just for the sake of making noise and getting attention.

(Remember, of course, that AOC recently went to the southern border — and continues to advocate for illegal immigrants over the needs of American citizens.)

Here they are. (And don’t see your own comment here? Share it with us in the comments section of this piece.)

2.) “She thinks education is a priority, but doesn’t appear to have absorbed anything from hers. She had an opportunity to see firsthand, by invitation, what a real concentration camp looked like and refused. She is in a job way over her head, but doesn’t understand that she wasn’t the boss on day one, and should watch for awhile instead of being an uninformed activist who is wrong all the time.”

3.) “AOC, for some crazy reason, feels she is smarter, wiser, and more educated than her elders. AOC is not smart enough to realize she does not have much life experience from which to make intelligent decisions for people of a nation as America.”

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4.) “These young people are so entitled, they just rage when things don’t go their way. We must protect the country from their histrionics.”

5.) “These Democrats are fighting for illegals’ rights over Americans’ safety.”

6.) “We need term limits — only one term for her!”

7.) “The only talent AOC seems to have is anger toward anybody who challenges her. The rage, hate-filled rants, anger she spews is a reflection of her own self worth. Big egos need massive amounts of attention in order to feel relevant. I’m just afraid once it all dries up she will do or say anything to maintain her fix.”

8.) “Seems like AOC has really worn down and aged Pelosi beyond her already many years.”

9.) “What has [AOC] done for the USA other than attack our president? What he has accomplished? She is a nobody with a loud mouth — and what comes out of it is hot air.”

10.) “Well, she’s either the least intelligent or the bravest person I know of, LOL. Young people can do this type of thing and survive.”

11.) “People, if we all don’t stand up for our country and vote these Dems out, we are not going to have a country!”

12.) “She does like publicity. Hope she is not re-elected.”

13.) “Is this what we are paying them to do — fight among themselves all day?”

14.) “This child gives me a headache.”

“She’s either the least intelligent or the bravest person I know of, LOL. Young people can do this type of thing and survive.”

15.) “Nancy helped create this mess. When Nancy refused to call out Rep. [Ilhan] Omar [of Minnesota] for her anti-Semitic remarks and let AOC be the spokesperson for the far Left, she lost control — and now doesn’t know how to rein these children in.”

16.) “These freshman radicals can say and do whatever they want without any negative consequences. What’s being done about Ocasio-Cortez’s mishandling of campaign funds? What’s being done about Omar’s alleged marriage to her brother and her unlawful tax returns? How about Omar’s public racism against Jews and Christians, or downplaying our 9/11 catastrophe? These actions get 30 seconds of coverage — and then ‘mysteriously’ just go away. Democrats have a way of quietly sweeping all of their crimes and corruption under the rug. Remember this crap when voting in 2020.”

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17.) “Thank you, Nancy and AOC. We’re trying to re-elect President Donald Trump. Thank you. Your cooperation is appreciated.”

18.) “She’s a fraud and a communist. Let her debate [conservative commentator] Candace Owens. That I’d love to see.”

19.) “That hearing [about border detention conditions] was filled with so much theatrics from Democrats. And considering they were using children as political pawns, I am disgusted.”

20.) “I’m sorry, but referring to her as a lawmaker really offends me.”

21.) “Don’t like separating [illegal immigrant] families [at the border]? Stop attracting them with freebies. Close the loopholes in our laws. Do your job. Legislate!”

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