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Election 2020

Beto Campaigns for President — Among Migrants in Mexico

It appears many of the 2020 Democrats are competing with each other in this campaign to see how far Left they can go

Not making this up.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) campaigned for the presidency of the United States on Sunday — by talking with migrants in Mexico who have not yet tried to cross the border into this country.

In other cases, people tried to cross but had to return.

In a social media post, O’Rourke called the border policies of the Trump administration “unlawful and inhumane.”

He met with migrants who are waiting there for their U.S. court dates — and used the visit to promote his own immigration plan, as multiple outlets are reporting.

He’s still facing harsh criticism for his lackluster performance during last week’s Democratic primary debate on Thursday night.

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Check out the social media reaction to his Mexico visit over the weekend, share your thoughts — and watch the video down below.

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