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On Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary, Concerns Surface


For many Americans, the first moon [1] landing serves as a historic, but distant, memory.

Current generations learn about the event from parents or a textbook.

But for flight director Gene Kranz, the mission is personal.

Kranz served as the flight director for several historic NASA [2] missions, including the first manned Apollo mission and the Apollo 11 [3] moon landing.

The former NASA official says he always gets “misty” when he thinks about Apollo 11.

But though he remembers the mission itself fondly, he expressed his concern to Fox’s Kristin Fisher that the U.S. hasn’t made it past the moon 50 years later.

July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

The last human to set foot on the Moon was Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan on Dec. 14, 1972.

After Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, just 10 more NASA astronauts would follow in their footsteps by walking on the lunar surface.

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The last human to set foot on the moon was Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan on Dec. 14, 1972.

The U.S. wants to return American astronauts to Earth’s natural satellite by 2024.

For Kranz’s full interview with Kristin Fisher, be sure to catch ANHQ DC’s Apollo 11 50th anniversary special on Saturday, July 20, at 12 p.m. EST.

Fox News’ James Rogers contributed to this Fox News [5] piece, which is used by permission.

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