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Alyssa Milano Wants Jeb Bush to Challenge Donald Trump for the White House in 2020

Actress and liberal activist Alyssa Milano apparently believes former Florida governor and failed Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush should “seriously” consider challenging President Donald Trump in 2020 [1].

“If [I] were @JebBush, I’d seriously be considering a run,” Milano tweeted.

Why would she say this?

Why in the world would a left-wing Democrat be encouraging another Republican to run?

Does Milano believe the more than 20 Democrats running aren’t good enough to get the job done?

She might be right about that, in our view. Milano also obviously doesn’t remember what a colossal disaster it was for Jeb Bush the last time he took a shot at a White House run.

Bush spent over $150 million in the 2016 Republican primaries — with nothing to show for it.

“Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, suspended his campaign [4] Saturday night after a crippling defeat in the South Carolina primary,” Money reported [5] at the time. “It was a tough loss for the Republican, made all the more bitter when you consider how much money he raised and spent on his abandoned campaign.”

As of January 31, Bush had raised more than $118 million [6] through the Right to Rise Super PAC and about $32 million directly through his campaign. That’s the most of any candidate save Hillary Clinton, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

An additional $55,000 came from Millennials Rising [7], another conservative super PAC.

Some people back in 2016 had fun with Bush’s campaign misfortune.

He lost for a reason. But the reason this would be a bad idea goes far beyond just dollars and cents.

One of the biggest reasons Donald Trump steamrolled the entire field of Republicans in 2016 was precisely because he was not an Establishment candidate based in Washington, D.C.

Voters wanted something different. It’s why the country rejected Hillary Clinton. It’s why they wouldn’t be enthusiastic about electing another Bush.

What Republicans need to do is support this president and make sure the Democrats lose again in 2020. Obviously, that’s not what Alyssa Milano wants — hence her advice.

One hopes Republicans have far better judgment than to listen to a radical leftist who so eagerly wants the GOP to lose.

This piece originally appeared in The Political Insider [9] and is used by permission.

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