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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has a Potential GOP Challenger in New York: Is She for Real?

Pity New York Republicans. They are not only surrounded, but infiltrated by liberals, leftists and crazies, in my view.

Meet Scherie Murray, the latest in a long line of liberals who found Republicans in the swimming hole and stole their clothes.

Murray announced this past week she will run as a Republican to challenge Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

The trouble is that Scherie Murray has a history of supporting Democrats for public office, including Barack Obama and — astonishingly — Ocasio-Cortez.

New York doesn’t need another Michael Bloomberg, who brought his leftist nanny-state policies to New York City under the Republican brand. His positions muddied the ideological waters and confused many voters on the national stage.

Scherie Murray is likely to do the same thing in the Bronx, in this writer’s opinion.

Murray is the sudden media darling among the candidates challenging the craziest of them all, Ocasio-Cortez. Conservatives, swing voters, many Democrats, and normal people everywhere are eager to have someone defeat the charming young bartender from Westchester County.

When Murray announced, she was greeted with media fanfare and her social media account grew to nearly 100,000 followers.  Even conservative outlets joined the echo chamber.

But most conservatives will be wary of anyone the media love so automatically, and it turns out there are good reasons to worry. In spite of Scherie Murray’s past position as a state Republican committeewoman, she has a history of supporting Democrats.

She told [7] The New York Post she voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. Worse, she proudly congratulated Ocasio-Cortez in 2016 on her victory over former Rep. Joe Crowley.

She tweeted [8], “Congratulations Alexandria. #Queens [9] is headed in a new direction and It’s time for new leadership. #Yes [10].”

Why should conservative and Republican voters support someone who is so friendly to Democrats and so heartily embraced by the media? The only Republicans the media like are those who either can’t win (they sure loved Jeb) or those who pretend to be Republican but will govern as Democrats (see “Michael Bloomberg,” above).

New Yorkers and the rest of America need relief from Ocasio-Cortez and her group of like-minded freshman colleagues. Their latest attempt to turn criticism of their character into a racist attack is unforgivable. Radio host and author Mark Levin pointed out [15], “These are backbenchers who said hateful, outrageous things about their own country. Nobody’s mentioning their color; people are outraged by what they’re saying.”

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And in spite of the prediction by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that “a glass of water could win in that district if it ran as a Democrat,” the good people of Queens and the Bronx are tired of being played for fools.

Ocasio-Cortez spends almost no time in her district, and she could get sent back to tending bar in 2020. Her four million followers on social media may not be as much help as she is expecting, unless they can vote in her district.

Meanwhile, any Republican who challenges AOC will receive massive media attention.

What a waste, to squander that attention on a false flag, someone who will fail to represent the GOP brand honestly!

Any Republican who challenges AOC will receive massive media attention.

Ensure that the standard carrier sends a clear message of hope and human potential. Only a true believer can do that.

Reject the attempts of the media to foist off on us another disappointing poser. Don’t fall for the media embrace of Scherie Murray.

This piece originally appeared in OpsLens [17] and is used by permission.

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