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A Confused Ocasio-Cortez Tried — and Failed — to Make Tom Homan Look Bad

Tom Homan, former acting ICE director, did what many have not been able to do.

He silenced Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) during Friday’s congressional hearings on the topic of family separations at the southern border.

AOC tried to pin Homan down about her claim he created a policy memo to separate children from their parents — but he wasn’t having any of her analysis.

Homan responded to AOC, telling her he made “numerous” recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security — and that the most important piece of advice was a “zero tolerance” policy for border crossers who were illegal.

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AOC interrupted Homan and tried to put words in his mouth when she said, “Which includes family separation.”

But Homan shared the example that if he was with his child, and he was arrested — then the child would be separated from the adult, which is true.

AOC then said, “Mr. Homan, with all due respect, legal asylees are not charged with any crime.”

Homan set her straight about how people seeking asylum should let authorities know whether that’s their intention or not.

That shut down AOC.

Watch this exchange:

She has absolutely no argument on this subject, in my view; she is 100 percent wrong in her thinking and her logic. I’m surprised she didn’t just say “whatever” (she often speaks like a teenager).

Have you noticed that when AOC does have a response, she manages to suck the intelligence right out of the room?

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [4] and is used by permission.

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