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Trump’s Thriving Economy: How to Earn More Money Today and Prosper Long-Term

With unemployment at record lows and wages increasing, optimism is high

Capitalism works. President Donald Trump has breathed new life back into America’s economy and restored hope that the American Dream is still possible.

Optimism is high because unemployment has dropped to record lows and wages are increasing. Americans are working again — which means they have more money in their pockets and spend more freely, which creates even more economic growth.

Excuse my excitement, but for business owners and entrepreneurs, the time is now to refocus goals and maximize our nation’s capitalistic system to increase profits.

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Here are four smart ways to get started.

1.) Provide an extraordinary product or service. Market competition is the beating heart of capitalism — so your business must have an edge that makes it stand apart from others in your niche or industry.

The top way to set yourself apart is to have an above-and-beyond attitude while providing an extraordinary product or service.

Go beyond what’s expected by over-delivering for your customers in timing, pricing, and follow-up.

This next-level approach will create customer loyalty that will drive your business for generations to come. It will also build a fantastic fan base that will spread the word to others about your business.

2.) Listen to your customers and give them what they want (not what you think they want). A free-enterprise economy gives your customers a wide variety of choices of products and services.

Unfortunately, most businesses focus on overstocking shelves or providing redundant services instead of just giving their customers what they’ve requested.

Stop it! As soon as you stop selling and start solving, everything will turn around (that’s exactly what Trump has done!). Customers will tell you exactly what they want, but you’ll only hear them if you are actively listening. Make recommendations about your product or service based on what they’re telling you rather than what you think will work or what you have in stock. Listen and learn — and your customers will return and refer.

3.) Communicate with your customers long-term. Most business owners think closing the sale is the last step, but it’s actually the first if your goal is to build a long-term relationship.

Follow-up communication is the key to showing your customers you appreciate their business — plus it gives you the opportunity to tell them more about your product or service. If they don’t know what you offer, then they can’t buy it.

President Trump has continued his rallies long after the 2016 election. Why? Because he can share his message directly that way and reinforce confidence among voters.

Consistent communication after the sale shows you care and that you’re focused on building a long-term relationship.

Take a page from his book — and do the same thing with your business.

4.) Show up even after the deal closes. Capitalism gives us the opportunity to earn money from our own efforts. However, it’s our responsibility to put forth extra effort so that our business rises to the top.

Anyone can send an email, but it takes a bit of extra effort after that to pick up the phone or mail a handwritten thank-you card.

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Your customers will notice and remember that you exceeded their expectations. Consistent communication after the sale shows you care and that you’re focused on building a long-term relationship.

Under President Trump, our economy is thriving like a roaring lion that has been set free after being held captive for way too long.

Now is the time for business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize capitalism and achieve never-before-seen results. The impossible is now possible.

Trump has carved out the pathway, but it’s our responsibility to make it happen.

Capitalism gives you the power to achieve great wealth — go for it.

John Di Lemme is president & CEO of DDG, Inc. (, a strategic business consulting firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a global turnaround specialist, he has generated over $100 million for his corporate and entrepreneurial clients.

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