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Julian Castro Dismisses Identity Theft by an Illegal Immigrant: ‘Crime Happens’

One of the 20-plus Democrats seeking the White House stunned many with this answer

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Democrats running for the 2020 nomination for president might as well make “laws are only for the common folk” their campaign slogan, in our view.

Julian Castro was questioned Thursday night by a woman who said an illegal immigrant stole her Social Security number. The White House hopeful then proceeded to dismiss that crime almost out of hand.

“He was caught and released on his own recognizance, never to be heard from again,” the woman explained during a Fox News town hall last night. “Would you be willing to penalize offenders taking advantage of Americans by having them not released if they’re known to be illegal?” she asked.

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Castro’s response? “Crime happens.”

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Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

“Let me begin to answer that question by saying, look, all of us know as human beings that regardless of circumstance, whether people are rich, or poor, no matter the color of their skin, what their background is, that people commit crime. Crime happens,” Castro responded.

“Crime happens?” Yes, it does. First, it happens when illegal immigrants cross the border. Then, since many have gotten away with breaking one law, they think they can do it with other laws.

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As in this woman’s case, it was identity theft.

“I’m very sorry to hear what happened to your Social Security number,” Castro continued. “I know, you know, how that can be jarring for somebody. Hopefully, that was resolved, OK.”

The former Obama Cabinet member did eventually say that “if somebody commits a crime like that” they should be punished, underscoring the Democrat Party’s desire to select which laws it would like to enforce.

Castro won’t punish illegals as a group — but feels that President Donald Trump, who was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Mueller report and the Justice Department, should be prosecuted.

“I think that the next president is going to … make a decision like this about [Trump] because one of those investigations, whether it’s the Mueller investigation or it’s in the Southern District of New York, is going to present the issue of punishment,” he mistakenly predicted. “That’s what I believe.”

Castro insisted he would not issue a pardon either.

But wait, we thought “crime happens”?

Speaking of crimes, that whole Hatch Act controversy with Kellyanne Conway presents an interesting conundrum for Castro.

On Thursday, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) issued a report that recommended Conway’s removal from office for violations of the Hatch Act.

Serving as Barack’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Castro himself was accused of violating the Hatch Act in 2016 after he praised Clinton in an interview at his government office.

“Now, taking off my HUD hat for a second and just speaking individually, it is very clear that Hillary Clinton is the most experienced, thoughtful, and prepared candidate for president that we have this year,” he told Katie Couric during the last election cycle.

“You can’t selectively enforce laws you like or don’t like.”

But Castro’s got that covered, too. See, for him “crime happens” and it can be swept under the rug. Yet Conway should be terminated in his eyes.

The hypocritical Democrat argued that his case was different from Conway’s because his violation was an isolated episode and he tried to learn from it.

The law is the law. Contrary to what you might think, Mr. Castro, you can’t selectively enforce laws you like or don’t like.

This piece originally appeared in The Political Insider and is used by permission.

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