Chuck Todd Tries to Blame Trump for Border Issues Begun by Obama

Mainstream media give previous administration a pass, yet push today's commander-in-chief for urgent answers

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Once you watch this hypocritical display by Chuck Todd, who was privileged to have an interview with President Donald Trump, you’ll see that the mainstream media don’t have respect for the commander-in-chief or for the office he holds.

When someone constantly interrupts the leader of our nation, using emotional arguments instead of a logical approach, that person has lost the argument and quite possibly, the trust of the American people, in my view.

“Meet The Press” anchor Chuck Todd felt he had President Trump in the crosshairs. He was ramping up his emotional solution without a smidgen of logic to try to make great television for his failing network.

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Todd’s question of the day to the president was, “Why aren’t you doing something?”

Todd’s exclusive interview with Trump aired on Sunday morning’s edition of NBC’s “Meet the Press” — a time when viewers are tuned to other channels.

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As a result, many Americans missed out on this sorry excuse for a back-and-forth.

Here’s a rundown of how the conversation essentially went:

Todd: “I want to ask what’s going down with the, these — with the children in these migrant camps. The stories are horrible, Mr. President. You have children without their parents. You have kids taking care of kids.”

Trump: “Yeah—”

Todd: “You’ve — you’ve read these reports. I know people are coming to you. I know you think this is the Democrats’ problem … Forget it. Why aren’t you doing something?”

Trump: “Are you ready?”

Todd: [cutting off Trump] “They’re in terrible shape down there, Mr. President. Down in Homestead, Florida, that’s where I grew up, it’s — the conditions are terrible.”

Trump: “I agree, and it’s been that way for a long time. President Obama built the cages —”

Todd: “Do two wrongs make a right?”

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Trump: “Chuck, just listen for one second. Separation. President Obama — I took over [the] separation [policy]. I’m the one that put [a new policy] together. What’s happened, though, [is that] the cartels and all of these bad people, they’re using the kids …”

Todd: “But let’s not punish the kids more. The kids are getting punished more …”

Trump: “You’re right, and it’s been happening long before I got there. What we’ve done is we’ve … ended separation. You know, under President Obama, you had separation. I was the one that ended it. Now I said one thing. When I ended it, I said here’s what’s going to happen: More families are going to come up. And that’s what happened … They’re really coming up for the economics … I inherited separation from President Obama … ”

Todd: “Let’s talk about what’s happening now …”

Trump: “We’re doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. The Democrats aren’t even approving giving us money. Where is the money? You know what? The Democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid.”

The media dismiss the fact that Trump has stopped a lot of those practices.

Todd: “It looks like these kids are being used … as some sort of, is it hostages? … Why let the political debate hurt these children? They could be impacted for years.”

Trump: “If the Democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes, which they refuse to do because they think it’s good politics, everything would be solved immediately. But they refuse to do it. They refuse to do it … If they changed asylum, and they changed loopholes, everything on the border would be perfect.”

Todd and the rest of the media want to excuse the way things were started under the Obama administration.

You want facts?

I just gave them to you.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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