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Trevor Noah Admits Trump Is First President to Deliver on His Campaign Promises

Trevor Noah and Donald Trump

Yes, Trevor Noah, President Donald Trump is the first president [1] to deliver on the promises he’s made.

I consider myself on seriously shaky ground when I agree with “Daily Show” host Noah [2] on anything — but I will also add that Trump is the first president who was able to defy the kingmakers on both sides of the aisle, and that angers them to no end.

During Noah’s appearance on Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he told the host and audience that, “hate him or love him,” Trump is the first presidential candidate to make good on his campaign promises.

“When Donald Trump was elected and then proceeded to do what he had promised — ironically, right? Because it’s funny that Donald Trump would be the first presidential candidate to actually deliver. Hate him or love him, hate him or love him, he’s doing the things he said he was going to do,” Noah said on the program.

Forgive me for not trusting Noah and his statements — or thinking that he might have said this as a negative declaration and rallying cry for Democrats to get their act together for 2020. [1]

Democrats, in my view, are toast. They know nobody believes anything they say at this point.

The Mueller probe is over and Americans do not want to hear about it anymore.

The Democrats are upset because their plan has fallen apart.

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The Democrats have been caught lying and saying Trump is a bad guy, but it has come out that the Democrats are pure haters. They have come out against Jewish people, they have come out against a good economy, they have come out against border security, tax breaks, fair trade, and everything else Americans hold dear — and they did all of this thinking somehow it would get them reelected.

For the most part, Trump has done a lot of good for America and gets an A-plus. But thus far on the border issue, he has failed in his campaign promise.

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Sure, he can blame Congress and the courts, as they are to blame.

But he can also implement at least a half dozen things to stem the tide of this invasion at the border.

I voted for President Trump and have defended his presidency, but I will not succumb to the Kool-Aid effect. I will never fall in love with leaders — that’s not my job. And that type of thinking has hurt America for generations.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [4] and is used by permission.

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