Reese Witherspoon Is Latest Celeb Who’s ‘Beyond Upset’ About Protections for Unborn

'We cannot tolerate this attack on women's rights'

Actress Reese Witherspoon went out of “character” (pardon the pun) on Wednesday and used her social media channels to verbally attack the states that have passed legislation designed to criminalize those who perform abortions or are otherwise involved with the procedure once a heartbeat is detected in the womb.

“I’m beyond upset about the passing of new abortion bans in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, and Ohio,” the “Big Little Lies” star said.

“This is unconstitutional and abhorrent,” she added in a tweet.

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“We cannot tolerate this attack on women’s fundamental rights.”

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Bless her heart. Isn’t she special!

If a woman wants abortions legal so she can exercise “control” over her body, why would there ever be such a thing as an “unwanted” pregnancy?

There is no section of the U.S. Constitution that uses the word “abortion” or that delegates power to the United States government to regulate the practice of medicine.

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These are powers reserved by the states to themselves.

There is nothing unconstitutional about Alabama’s new law.

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Roe v. Wade was never voted on by “we the people.” It is a Supreme Court ruling. Roe v. Wade took a states rights issue and tried to make it a federal issue.

Alabama’s law, if it goes to the Supreme Court, could get Roe v. Wade overturned and turned back to a states rights matter. People in “Hollyweird” shouldn’t use big words or concepts they don’t understand.

I believe that life begins at conception, but if people are declared dead when there is no pulse, it could be logically consistent to believe that life begins when the heart starts beating.

Liberals scream about any restrictions on abortion and claim that such restrictions are unconstitutional, which they are not.

Yet at the same time, they rant endlessly about gun control, which would be unconstitutional.

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Their understanding of the Constitution of the United States is as shaky as their understanding of everything else in life.

We all know the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — about the three instances of “unalienable rights” the Declaration of Independence says all human beings have received from their Creator, and which the government exists to protect.

Without life, the other two don’t matter.

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