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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Assaulted When Crazed Man Kicks Him from Behind

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the well-known actor and former Republican governor of California, was assaulted in South Africa during a public appearance on Saturday — but the 71-year-old was able to quickly recover and reassure people he was fine.

He later said on Twitter, “I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat.”

A video very clearly shows Schwarzenegger standing in a gym and filming some of the children taking part in a rope-skipping event, which occurred in Johannesburg.

All appeared calm and orderly. Then, seemingly out of the blue, a man approached him from behind — and made a quick flying kick into his back.

Schwarzenegger, wearing a gray T-shirt, was thrust forward by the blow as security guards quickly surrounded the man and grabbed him.

Off camera, a man could be heard yelling several times, “Help me!”

Before the kick, a man could be seen lurking behind him — and it seemed he was “pulled away by what appears to be Schwarzenegger’s security team,” the Sandton Chronicle noted.

“Just as Schwarzenegger hands over the phone on which he was taking his video, the man returns again, runs up, jumps up and kicks Schwarzenegger in the back.”

Schwarzenegger himself shared a few tweets about the incident:

For those who want to see the entire incident, check out the video below: