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Border Security

Trump at Border to Illegal Immigrants: ‘System Is Full,’ People Must ‘Turn Around’

Some 450 miles of barrier will go up to protect America

President Donald Trump, speaking Friday in California on the southern border, said that America’s immigration system is “full” and that he is letting the country know that there is “an absolute emergency” at the southern border.

“He’s doubling down” on this, said Fox New contributor John Bussey of The Wall Street Journal on Friday afternoon on the Fox News program, “Shepherd Smith Reporting.”

“I think the fact that he thanked Mexico … Just a few days ago he was threatening to shut down the border,” noted Kristen Fischer, on site in Calexico, California, on Friday afternoon, on the same program.

“[Yet] now he’s seen a big improvement” in apprehensions and other responses from Mexico that are encouraging, in terms of addressing the flow of people toward America, she added of what stood out about Trump’s remarks on Friday.

Trump also thanked the Border Patrol agents for their hard work in protecting the country from numerous issues at the border.

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