Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Last Day at the Dept. of Justice Will Be May 11

Actions he took during special counsel Russia probe were highly questionable — he submitted his resignation on Monday

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is finally leaving the Department of Justice.

Rosenstein’s role in the special counsel’s Russia probe was highly questionable, especially when he called out Russian names responsible for trying to damage our elections.

Neither of the names has ever been heard again, nor do we have photos of these people.

Rosenstein submitted his resignation on Monday to President Donald Trump, effective May 11.

Wonder what will be the outcome of his departure? Attorney General Bill Barr might just get to the bottom of who is responsible for discussions about the 25th Amendment and the wearing of a wire while talking to the president.

Rosenstein must explain his involvement under oath and come clean about other conspirators who worked to overthrow the president.

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Even though he’s leaving, he should still be in trouble. Rosenstein should be facing legal problems due to his signing of the FISA warrant that let Barack Obama, the DOJ and the FBI spy on a member of the Trump administration during the 2016 election season.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when you sign a FISA warrant, you have to verify that the information in front of you is correct under the threat of perjury.

Rosenstein did not verify any of the information used in the warrants was correct or accurate; in fact, Rosenstein knew the information was provided to him by the Hillary Clinton campaign. And Rosenstein never told this to the FISA judge who approved the FISA warrants; that is a felony.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who frequently found himself in the political crosshairs due to his role in the special counsel’s Russia probe and whose departure has long been expected, submitted his resignation on Monday to President Trump, effective May 11.

Attorney General William Barr in a statement said Rosenstein served the Justice Department “with dedication and distinction.”

As first reported by The New York Times last year, Rosenstein allegedly discussed wearing a “wire” to tape Trump and pursuing his removal from office in meetings and conversations with Justice Department and FBI officials. This would have been in the tumultuous days after Comey was fired as FBI director, with the president citing in part a memo penned by Rosenstein — reportedly catching him off guard.

Rosenstein’s conservative critics on Capitol Hill seized on the reports, with North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, calling on him to appear before Congress to explain the comments. In July, Meadows and Jim Jordan of Ohio, another member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, introduced five articles of impeachment against Rosenstein. (source: Fox News)

Some readers will probably join me in saying it couldn’t have happened soon enough for the co-conspirator of an attempted coup of a presidential hopeful, both during his campaign and after his eventual legal win of the election to the presidency of the United States. All those involved with that attempted coup need to be charged, tried and — if convicted — locked up.

It may take years, but history will unravel all the shenanigans and deception of Jim Comey and Rod Rosenstein, and we will finally know the truth about some of this.

How history will treat some of these guys? Not very well, I think.

Rosenstein knew what he was doing. He is responsible as well for this witch hunt. I strongly believe Rosenstein was giving information to the Democrats from time to time about what was happening with Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation. Just as soon as he was removed from his position and Attorney General Barr took over, Democrats started to frantically ask questions and threaten what they would do if they didn’t get all the information.

As President Trump said, “The corruption in Washington has reached a level never been seen before. This is not a swamp anymore — this is sewage.”

And there you have it. Twenty-six people have left and continue to resign, especially from the top.

Looking ahead to 2020, it must be Trump all the way.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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