Is this merely pre-2020, “let’s-drum-up-as-much-support-as-we-can-right-now” chatter on the campaign trail?

Or is this seriously becoming a key plank for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as she campaigns in the spring of 2019 for the White House in 2020 (against a cast of thousands, or so it seems, on the Democrat side)?

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On Saturday, speaking to a group at Keene State College in New Hampshire, the Democratic senator repeated her strenuous calls for the House of Representatives to open impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump now that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion report has been released — even though the report found no evidence of collusion by the president.

“I know people say this is politically charged and we shouldn’t go there,” said Warren, as Fox News, the Washington Examiner and other outlets reported on Saturday morning, “and that there is an election coming up. But there are some things that are bigger than politics.”

“We cannot be an America that says it is OK for a president of the United States to try and block an investigation into a foreign attack on our country or an investigation into that president’s own misbehavior,” she added.

“So I have called on the House to initiate impeachment proceedings.”

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), for her part, said she is not interested in pursuing the impeachment issue.

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The special counsel team — after nearly two years and thousands of hours of interviewing witnesses and combing through documents — concluded that the president and his associates did not engage in collusion with Russians during the 2016 presidential election season.

Mueller began his Russia investigation way back in May 2017.

The team faced scrutiny over how it handled the investigation into Russian collusion. During its inquiry, the team went after people for unrelated criminal allegations and even had agents removed for showing a severe hatred toward the president.

Trump and his lawyers repeatedly called the special counsel’s effort a “biased witch hunt” against the president.

The report outlined a series of actions taken by the president that were investigated as part of the obstruction-of-justice inquiry. On that latter issue, Mueller and his team did not reach a determination — though they provided a series of examples of how Trump tried to limit the probe, including telling his then-White House counsel, Don McGahn, to tell the acting attorney general to remove Mueller.

Since Mueller left this last area of inquiry open-ended, Democrats immediately seized on the issue and now want the full and unredacted report in their hands.

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They also want Mueller to testify before Congress.

Warren on Friday first made her call for impeachment, noting Mueller said in his report that “Congress has authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice.”

Added Warren on Saturday, “A hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election in order to help Donald Trump; Donald Trump welcomed that help; and when the federal government tried to investigate what happened, Donald Trump took multiple steps to try and derail or obstruct the investigations.”

One pollster has found that most Americans are sick and tired of the Mueller report at this point — and want real improvements for both America and Americans.

“The fundamental question for us is, ‘Is there going to be some accountability here?’” Warren also said pointedly.

However, pollster Frank Luntz told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Saturday morning that, based on his findings and data, most Americans are sick and tired of the Mueller report at this point — and want real improvements for both America and Americans.

“We did a focus group in Los Angeles a week ago,” said Luntz on Saturday morning. “And I asked people to give me [one word to describe] Congress. My favorite response? The person said, ‘Can I use two words?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’ [And the person said,] ‘Shut up.’ I don’t mean to be disrespectful to members of Congress watching, but the public says, ‘Fix immigration. Improve the economy. Please fix health care. And just shut up about all this other stuff.’ And I don’t think Washington hears that.”

He added that Americans are looking for “quality-of-life and standard-of-living solutions.”

They want to make sure that the country does well, he said, and that it continues to do well over the coming years. They do not want to rehash political and partisan talking points.