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Brad Parscale About Trump in 2020: He’s ‘Building One of the Largest Political Campaign Operations in History’

Campaign manager appeared on Fox News' 'The Ingraham Angle'

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Looking ahead to the 2020 campaign for the presidency, Brad Parscale, manager of the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, said on Fox News on Tuesday night that President Donald Trump “is one of the best marketers in American history. I think he understands the people. He understands how to communicate to people.” And as he and his team prepare for the next election, “he’s going to move in a way” that projects his strengths and reacts to whatever opposing candidate he winds up facing on the Democrat side.

“Either way,” he told host Laura Ingraham of “The Ingraham Angle,” “he’s going to stay strong. He’s fighting for this country. He did this [ran for the White House] for no other reason but to save the country, and I don’t think he’s going to move away from that … It’s how we won the [2016] election and it’s going to be how he continues to win.”

Parscale added that the Trump team is “building one of the largest political campaign operations in history. I think he’s put so much emphasis in what we’re building in 2020. I go in weekly and give these reports. He’d be wasting a considerable amount of time, which he does not like to do” — if he didn’t want to run again, which some people actually have suggested.

“OK,” replied Ingraham. “So, we can put that [suggestion] to rest?”

“Yes,” said Parscale. “And, by the way, I hope so for my own job’s sake.”

Of the notion — reported by Politico last month — that “some advisers are telling the president to hold off on 2020 rallies,” asked Ingraham, “whose bright idea is that? Is that accurate? Because it seems he gets energized by the rallies.”

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“No,” said Parscale. He said that was not accurate.

“What we talked about doing is mixing official events with campaign rallies,” he added.

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The president “needs to get on the road also and talk about all of his achievements — all the promises have been kept — and get out there and do those things,” he also said. “But rallies aren’t going away. We already have a couple on the line for this month. We’re going to continue to be out there. The president is going to get out there and engage with people.”

The rallies, he added significantly, offer a “huge data mining operation” to the Trump campaign, as they’re able to reach out to those attendees afterward. “They’re more important for multiple reasons … At the last rally, we got over 100,000 cellphone numbers.”

Said Ingraham, “We understand other campaigns are trying to find their own Brad [Parscale] … They’re ‘Bradding’ it.”

“I became a verb,” said Parscale lightly.

“Parscaling up,” added Ingraham.

He replied, “Look, I think it shows. They all talked about how the president didn’t know how to run a campaign. Now they’re trying to copy his campaign. It goes to show — I wish they would copy his policies because he knows the right policies to get the country fixed as well. It’s ironic that they’ve chosen this. But [the] world’s changed, markets [are] being driven more and more to cellphones, technologies and the internet, and they’re changing it.”

“You’re going to pinpoint the person on the block who cares about the issue,” said Ingraham. “You’re going to get that —”

“People in the house … Families disagree. We’re talking to them different[ly]. Look, most of us have our own individual track. It’s not by an address. We create our own map and our own steps across the internet and that’s how we track that.”

In terms of whether or not the Trump campaign is focused on one lead Democratic candidate at this point for 20209, Parscale said not at this time. “Today I said I had to go to the office to find a bigger binder because I’m trying to track all these candidates. It’s going to get so thick. I mean, I’m flipping through the pages. I think right now, I don’t see any clear person that’s stepping up to the president.”

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