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Watch: Huckabee Schools the Teacher Who Forced a Child to Wash Off His Holy Ashes

Hard to believe.

The Utah teacher who forced one of her students to wash the ashes off his forehead last week after he received them on Ash Wednesday [1] told the media she didn’t know these were holy ashes related to the start of Lent — even though the student, a Catholic, tried to tell her when she insisted he wipe off his forehead in school.

And now she’s apologized.

Hang on a second.

A teacher had never heard of Ash Wednesday?

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) took the high road when discussing this unfortunate story on “Fox & Friends” on Fox News on Tuesday morning.

Watch here as he schools an errant teacher about Catholicism, ashes, and respect for a student. Clearly this is one teacher who should have known better — and now she does: