More Church Scandal: Nearly 400 Illinois Priests, Deacons Accused of Sexual Misconduct

'This is a problem of unchecked trust and power'

People can investigate R&B singer R. Kelly and his sexual assault case in Illinois — but they can’t investigate hundreds of priests who allegedly committed criminal acts on innocent children?

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So this is what the attorney general’s office and sheriffs do — ignore crimes?

Unbelievable, in my view. There is little or no confidence in justice right now.

This is not merely a problem of religion. This is a problem of unchecked trust and power.

Religions teach obedience and often discourage people from criticizing their religious leaders.

Such practice can lead to corruption — and this is the result.

Check this out:

Nearly 400 Catholic clergy members in Illinois have been accused of sexual misconduct, but church officials have only informed congregants of a fraction of those who have faced allegations, according to attorneys who represented clergy sex abuse victims across the USA.

A 182-page report, published Wednesday by the Minnesota-based law firm Jeff Anderson and Associates, includes the names, background information, photos and assignment histories of each accused clergy member.

“The danger of sexual abuse in Illinois is clearly a problem of today, not just the past,” the report concludes. “This will continue to be a danger until the identities and histories of sexually abusive clerics, religious employees and seminarians are made public.”

Anderson said he hopes the report will push church leaders to publicly identify hundreds more clergy who faced allegations. (source: USA Today)

After years of concealing the the existence of pedophilia within the priesthood and the extent of it, the church has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to defending itself against these charges.

It gives lip service to the victims of institutional sexual abuse but shows no signs of actually punishing those responsible for the acts or the cover-up.

It is as if the church is saying, “Isn’t it enough that I said I am sorry and I say I am sorry every time some new abuse is uncovered? What more do you expect of me than to say I am sorry? Stop being unreasonable!”

The power of the church comes from its vast wealth. If people stopped contributing to the wealth of the church until it ceased pretending to deal with the abuse problem and actually solved the problem, then maybe things would change.

But that would take real courage by massive amounts of people — and that is truly a rare thing.

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This is a point that some have brought out: The cover-up is a problem created by the Catholic Church and perpetuated by the church and attorneys, judges, cops and prosecutors.

They are all complicit. When they’re found out, I hope they all pay handsomely.

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