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Donald Trump Calls Modern Late-Night Shows ‘One-Sided’ and ‘Unwatchable’

Stephen Colbert, Donald Trump and Jimmy Kimmel

In a Wednesday tweet, President Donald Trump blasted current late-night comedy programming as “totally one-sided” and “unwatchable.”

The president’s comments were in response to an interview that former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno gave to the “Today” show, in which he lamented the current state of late-night TV and the fact that viewers know each and every host’s personal politics.

Leno said he took pride in receiving hate from both the Left and the Right in his day because he chose to go after both political parties during his monologues.

He does not see today’s late-night hosts doing that.

“You know, now it’s all very serious,” said Leno. “Everything is just so — I’d just like to see a bit of civility come back to it, you know? Because, you know, the theory when we did the show was, you just watch the news, we’ll make fun of the news, and [we’ll] get your mind off the news. Well, now people just want to be on the news all the time. You just have one subject that’s the same topic every night, which makes it — makes it very hard. I mean, all the comics, Jimmy and Colbert and everybody else, it’s tough when that’s the only topic out there.”

Leno said he does not miss hosting “The Tonight Show.”

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“I don’t miss it. You know, everything now is, if people don’t like your politics, they — everyone has to know your politics,” the comedian said. “When people see you as one-sided, it just makes it tough.”

Leno added, “And plus, I did it when, you know, [Bill] Clinton was horny and [George W.] Bush was dumb — and it was just a little easier.”

Trump responded to Leno’s comments by saying on Twitter, “Jay Leno points out that comedy (on the very boring late-night shows) is totally one-sided. It’s tough when there’s only one topic.”

Trump added, “Actually, the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me, unwatchable. But remember, WE are number one — president!”

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